April 7, 2020

As remote communication becomes a business standard, the need for a great digital marketing strategy is more apparent than ever before. We’re all about increasing your inbound traffic and finding new ways to communicate with your customer base. But if you really want to see sales, we think there’s one more tactic your marketing toolbox needs.

What Is Retargeting?

Online window shopping is a tried and true pastime, especially when everyone is stuck at home. But have you ever left a site behind only to see ads for the exact product you were just looking at?

Retargeting is the process of showing ads to customers who have already visited your site. This is typically accomplished by connecting a retargeting pixel to the ad service of your choice. When a customer meets certain conditions, they’ll be shown an ad the next time they visit a relevant service provider.

Google, Facebook, and Amazon all offer retargeting ads, so you can truly reach your customers wherever they go online. This isn’t a cure-all strategy, but if you’re looking for a way to improve on your existing marketing efforts, retargeting is definitely the way to go.


Why Retargeting Works

If you’ve been watching your analytics, you’ve probably noticed that very few customers convert the first time they visit your site. People need time to make decisions, and a failure to convert doesn’t always mean the customer is uninterested in your product.

Retargeting is a popular strategy because it reaches customers who are close to converting. These audience members have visited your site, shopped through your products, and ultimately decided to save the decision for later. With retargeting, you can send them a friendly reminder that can increase their chance to convert by as much as 43%.

Many customers actually appreciate being shown retargeting ads; it helps them remember a product or service that they intended to buy. And if you segment your audience correctly, you can use retargeting to create a sense of online community that is sorely needed in these difficult times.

Tips for Your Retargeting Campaign

When they’re used correctly, retargeting ads can boost your sales and help you stay in touch with indecisive audiences. Try these tricks to get the most from your retargeting campaign.

  • Segment your audience. Part of the magic of retargeting is that you can serve audiences a perfectly-tailored ad campaign. Pay attention to your analytics data, and design your retargeting ads accordingly.
  • Target specific behaviors. A customer who visited your site for 10 seconds isn’t worth your time. But the customer who abandoned their shopping cart or visited your landing page twice this week? They might only need to see your ad once before they make up their mind.
  • Show ads sparingly. If a customer sees the same ad too many times, they’re more likely to get angry than to convert. As with all marketing efforts, subtlety is key.
  • Supplement with other channels. Retargeting relies on the traffic that your other inbound marketing efforts generate. You also need a great newsletter and a strong social media presence if you want to convince audiences to convert.

Use strong CTAs. Audiences only click on ads if they have a good reason. Tell your customers exactly what action you want them to take, and they’ll be far more likely to take it.


Retarget with Precision

To run a great retargeting campaign, you need to know your audience, understand your analytics, and be prepared to think outside the box. Lucky for you, we’ve got all of that and more. Get in touch with the team at Precision Creative, and we’ll help you get in touch with your customer base.

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