The Importance of Email Marketing in a Digital Age

Since COVID-19 started, you may have noticed a flood of emails from the businesses you know and love. From safety information to policy updates, these messages have become a welcome sight in a world that has gone almost completely online.

The national response to this emergency situation has highlighted the importance of email marketing as a method of communication with your clients. No matter what industry you’re in or how big your business is, a great email strategy should be part of your modern marketing efforts.

Providing Updates

As the current crisis has shown, email is one of the most effective ways to send updates and information to the most relevant members of your audience. Social media posts can get lost in the algorithm, but emails will go straight to the inbox. (If you’re using Gmail, they might go straight to your Promotions tab.)


Offering Services

In good times, email newsletters are the perfect way to show off products and tell customers about your latest sale. In more difficult times, an email newsletter can be used to offer community support. Put your offer in the headline - it’s the easiest way to guarantee clicks.

Reaching Everyone

More than 3.9 billion people use email; that’s nearly half of the global population. This communication channel lets you get in touch with audiences from all parts of the world. And because email has been around since the 70s, you can expect positive responses from users both young and old.

Building a Community

When you join a company’s mailing list, you agree to let that business become a part of your daily life. There’s something comforting about getting a message from your favorite restaurant, especially when you’re stuck in quarantine or voluntary isolation. As a marketer, you can see how many users receive your messages and understand just how big your client community really is.

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