Why You Should Be Using Hyperlinks In Your Digital Content

It's more than likely that you've seen a hyperlink before. We'd even go as far as to say that you've clicked on one before. For those unaware of what a hyperlink is exactly, they are usually a word or phrase that is highlighted within a piece of text. When clicked on, these hyperlinks take you to a separate and different page. There are a variety of reasons why one would use hyperlinks. Known for improving a site's SEO ranking, hyperlinks are a great way of attracting your users to other areas on your site that you may want them to see. Hyperlinks have been proven to make a big difference within your content marketing efforts. Here are some prominent reasons to use hyperlinks within your digital content.

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Improve SEO Ranking

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: SEO is king when it comes to having a successful site. And as we said above, hyperlinks have been proven to improve a site's SEO ranking. There are two main forms of hyperlinks: inbound hyperlinks and outbound hyperlinks. Inbound hyperlinks are links that come from another website, whereas outbound hyperlinks are links that link out to other websites. When you create hyperlinks that link out to credible sources, search engines will reward your site for this, thus increasing your SEO ranking.

Fulfilling Call To Actions

Successful call to actions are entirely vital to the success of one's site. As we've said in previous blog posts, a call to action is simply something that prompts your users into fulfilling a specific action on your site. A call to action can be formed for anything. From subscribing to a simple newsletter to making a purchase on your site, a call to action can be anything you want. Hyperlinks can be used to link your users to any call to action, thus improving the likelihood of them fulfilling this call to action. When you hyperlink to other pages on your site, you're gently guiding your users where you want them to go to see what you want them to see.

Gain More Page Views

Every website needs website traffic to be considered successful. The more traffic a website generates, the more likely new business will be generated for your company. And with hyperlinks, you can guide your users and customers to any page on your website, thus increasing its page views. You can also keep your users on your site for longer by including hyperlinks to content that is a bit longer and more extensive. Search engines such as Google or Bing take notice of the amount of page views your webpages get on your website. When you add hyperlinks to specific digital content, you're increasing the odds of gaining more page views on your site.

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