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Why Should You Integrate Your Website & CRM?

Posted by Precision Creative on Oct 30, 2020 12:45:07 PM
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No matter what product or service is being provided, every business or organization needs a CRM or Customer Relationship Manager. Regardless of how large or small a company is, they require a way to manage their contacts and oversee their relationships and communications with them.

A CRM is only as good as the data it collects though. Many businesses don’t integrate their website with their CRM, thereby missing out on all of the tremendous benefits. However, integrating the two systems can add incredible value to an organization. Here are a few reasons why businesses should integrate their website with their CRM.


Integrate Your Website With Your CRM


Accurate & Instant Data

The biggest benefit you get from integrating your website with your CRM is having immediate access to the newest and most accurate data. The automated assimilation between websites and CRMs such as HubSpot is frictionless and occurs in real time.

Because of this, businesses will never have to wonder if data is accurate, or question if recent website orders have been added to the CRM yet. This also makes communication with customers easier as account managers will always definitively know all the aspects and features of recent account activity, which will only lead to enriched customer satisfaction and improved sales.



Automating menial tasks is another great benefit to integrating your website with your CRM. If an organization’s website and CRM don't communicate with one another, then employees are likely spending an excessive amount of time organizing and analyzing data between the website and CRM, or worse, not capturing that data in the CRM at all!

By choosing to automate the integration between the website and CRM, organizations can reduce secretarial overhead saving both time and money. This way, all that manual, copy and paste, administrative work is negated. Then productivity will inherently be enhanced as this automation frees up staff members to work on other, more important tasks.


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Automation isn’t the only time saver though. By integrating the CRM with the website, along with any other outside data source, information is consolidated into one singular, precise data source for each contact record. Imagine the time saved for the sales and service teams by having only one data source to refer to, with no duplicate data!

This is a huge time saver for them as they will no longer have to check several systems to fully grasp the scope of an account. In addition, because data is automatically dropped into the CRM, there is much less chance for errors being made or duplicate records being created.


Improved Sales

The most important benefit of integrating the website and CRM is that it helps to improve a business’s sales. This comes down to the idea that more accurate data generates better profiles, which produces higher-quality leads, which in turn translates to improved conversion rates.

Many organizations spend a huge amount of time and money on their websites, crafting abundant content and adding forms for potential customers to contact them. By integrating the website and CRM, the sales process is shortened, as prospective leads are imported into the system instantaneously after the preliminary communication. This gives sales teams better data to work with, ultimately translating to greater conversion rates.


Efficient Service

The sales team aren’t the only ones that see value from this integration. The service team also benefits greatly. When a potential customer reaches out to request a quote or additional information about a product or service, your CRM can automatically assign the customer's inquiry directly to the proper person or team.

For example, a CRM like HubSpot could use a client’s location, industry, etc as elements in deciding the correct team or staff member to direct the request to. All of the necessary data can be captured on the website and transferred to the CRM with the customer's inquiry. Finally, the CRM can instantly assign and notify the correct staff member of the new message. This all results in a more efficient, and more pertinent, follow-up response to the client.



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Cleraly, there are many benefits to integrating your website directly with your CRM. Contact us for help building and optimizing a process that Performs with Precision! 

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