November 7, 2019

Every modern business needs a CRM. Whether you have 50 customers or 50,000 customers, you need a great way to manage your interactions and track customer satisfaction. Read on to learn what CRMs can do for your company.

What’s a CRM?

A customer relation management software, or CRM, is a platform that manages your customer interactions. A good CRM tracks data about each of your individual clients; you might see a list of email conversations, previous sales, and positive reviews that they’ve left on social media. The exact features depend on the software, but the goal is to aggregate client information in one easy, accessible place.

CRM systems are an essential part of maintaining healthy client relationships. In the fast-paced modern work environment, communion between team members is more critical than ever before. A CRM makes sure that you and your employees are on the same page about every client through every new interaction.

Computer with Email CRM Integration

The Key Features of a CRM

No two CRMs are the same, but all customer management programs share the same goal: to help you better understand and interact with your clients.

  • Build customer relationships: When it comes to staying in touch with clients, your CRM is your new best friend. From regular orders to custom requests, you’ll never forget an important detail again.
  • Manage potential leads: CRMs don’t just track existing customers; they also help you collect information about leads who have visited your site. Build an extended profile
  • Increase staff communication: CRM notes make sure that your employees are always on the same page. Integrate CRM profiles into your workflow for maximum results.
  • Collect aggregate data: Statistics are always helpful when you’re planning your business’s next step. Great CRMs track metrics and generate data tables for later review.
  • Automate marketing efforts: From personalized emails to automatic social media posts, your CRM can help you streamline your digital marketing strategy while staying in touch with an ever-growing client base.

Our Favorite CRM

Although there are a lot of great customer relation management platforms on the market, we like to use HubSpot CRM. HubSpot’s software comes with a smooth interface and clean functionality. Customer interactions are tracked and recorded automatically, and data shows up in an easy-to-read timeline. Plus, you can integrate HubSpot with your email platform for even more lead management options.

Are you looking to add CRM functionality to your website? We consider CRM software to be an absolute must for growing businesses.
Get in touch with us to discuss making customer relationship management a part of your workflow and setting your company up for success!

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