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How to Leverage Content Offers in Your Marketing Efforts

Posted by Precision Creative on Apr 23, 2020 12:04:38 PM
Precision Creative

The word “free” is truly irresistible, especially in the online world. Content offers, also known as lead magnets, are a type of free value that can be used to generate brand rapport and increase your business’s sales.

Lead magnets are easy to create and even easier to promote. No matter what industry you’re in, a content offer might be exactly what you need to improve your marketing funnel.


Create Your Offer

Your lead magnet can be any piece of content that’s valuable to your audience and easy for you to produce. The most common content offers include eBooks, white papers, and other types of industry-specific information. However, you can also see success by delivering stock assets, online lectures, or any other digital good that your audience can’t find anywhere else.

Today’s content offers are all about education. Your audience wants to learn about your industry from the experts they know and trust. Now’s the time to share your unique take and spill a few industry secrets - all while increasing the size of your mailing list.

No matter what type of offer you choose, it needs to meet the following three criteria:

  • Engaging: A great lead magnet needs to be worth your audience’s time. When it comes to content, value is usually either educational or entertaining. Decide what you’re going to offer, and make it truly enticing.
  • Consumable: Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to free content. Audiences value their time almost as much as they value their money. Keep your offer short and approachable while still providing legitimate substance.
  • Relevant: Your content offer should appeal to your ideal client. This guarantees that the traffic you attract will be interested in the services you offer. Pick an offer that’s relevant to your industry and designed to benefit the customers that you want to keep.


Optimize for Conversions

Lead magnets work by drawing engagement from your ideal audience. But if you want that engagement to turn into sales, you need to have a way that audiences can “opt-in” to your offer.

Start by choosing a conversion goal. You might ask your leads to join a mailing list, give you their contact information, or use a specific coupon code. Choose a goal that’s easy to complete and fits with your existing business model.

Your next step is to attach the content to the conversion. A simple example is the gated download page, which makes your eBook or asset kit only available to users who join your mailing list. Choose a gate that’s user-friendly, and remember to host the download on an enticing and well-designed landing page.


Get the Word Out

The beauty of content offers is that they make digital advertising a lot easier. Instead of using a generic CTA, you can ask viewers to download your eBook or sign up for an upcoming webinar. The offer gives audiences a reason to visit your site, and the value encourages them to make contact and start the process of a potential sale.

The obvious place to advertise your content offer is on social media. You can also use the offer to augment your existing paid media campaigns. And finally, don’t forget to send the offer to anyone who’s already subscribed to your mailing list; it’s always a good idea to reward your loyal user base.



Content Marketing with Precision

Content offers work best when they’re part of a well-designed marketing strategy. Reach out to the team at Precision Creative to start planning your campaign.

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