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Why Written Content Matters

Posted by Precision Creative on Jan 4, 2021 10:32:00 AM
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Whenever it comes to creating a thriving business, the number one rule is you have to market yourself. No one is going to buy whatever you have to offer if you don't believe in it yourself. This is why branding your product or service is absolutely imperative if you want your business or organization to succeed. But how does one market their business in a world that is constantly changing and evolving to the growing demand of the consumer? Believe it or not, the answer sits right in front of you as you read this article. 

The use of the written word has been proven to be the most effective marketing tool that a business or organization can use when it comes to branding. From blog posts to articles and newsletters to emails, reading and writing is a part of everyday business no matter where you work. It is through this craft that most persuasion and call to actions are achieved. Whether it be a simple informative post or a fully-fledged piece of persuasive rhetoric, written content is an essential part of marketing your own business.


Written Content Matters In Your Marketing Strategy


It Sounded Nice: The Rhetoric Of Words 

Rhetoric, more commonly known as the art of argument, is an age-old craft that has been used by the likes of Aristotle, Socrates, and even William Shakespeare. In layman's terms, rhetoric is the use of words to win an argument or persuade the opposing party into agreeing with your stance. This is the basic principle of marketing, trying to persuade your consumers to invest or buy into your service or product. 

Through the use of written content, you can utilize the art of rhetoric to bring untouched consumers into your consumer base. Rhetoric gives the writer the opportunity to gain more conversions for your site or company while also informing the consumer about their business or organization. Through blog posts and newsletters, you can wrap your client base around your finger, thus ensuring their business. A call to action is more evident in the written word than it is in either video content or simple email marketing. Which brings us to....


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Do It: Succeeding With Call To Actions 

One of the primary aspects of a website is the infamous call to action. Whether it be a purchase button or simply a sign-up sheet, this is where the consumer fulfills an action that the site pushes on them. While it doesn't sound too convoluted, it's a bit harder than it sounds. Today, consumers have the attention span of a five-year-old child on the first day of kindergarten. This is why it is so important to reel in your consumers with quick, engaging content. And what better option is there than eye-catching headlines? 

Written content has been proven to increase the success of a site's call to action by persuading the reader into fulfilling these requests. With written content, you will be able to inform your consumer about the benefits of your service or product while also pushing them towards purchasing said service or product. This results in a higher success rate as well as more conversions for your businesses' website.



Write Content With Precision

Whether it's a blog, email, or just general website content, your written content needs to be top notch if you want it to convert. Contact us today to publishing keyword-rich content that is Powered by Precision! 

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