Why do Businesses Rebrand?

There are numerous reasons a company may choose to rebrand. One of the most common reasons is internationalization. This is the process of making your brand more recognizable internationally. There are also organizations that choose to rebrand because they feel their image is outdated. This could mean that your brand no longer represents what products and services you offer, or it could just be that your logo simply looks old. Public relations incidents are another good reason to rebrand. When these things inevitably occur, rebranding can be a good way to refresh the way your business is being perceived. There’s also the matter of mergers and acquisitions. The main two reasons for rebranding in this situation are to make the change visible and also to comply with legal requirements. Corporate identity development is yet another common reason for rebranding. Many companies have a messy, incomplete identity. The fact of the matter is you can’t just choose a color and stop there!