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Why Not To Host Your Website Alone

Posted by Precision Creative on Sep 17, 2020 2:42:32 PM
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Web hosting is a convenient service that gives organizations and individuals the power to post a website or page onto the internet. The web host or service provider provides the technologies and services required for the website to be viewed online. 

These websites are stored on specific computers known as servers. Therefore, when an internet user wants to view your website, they would type your website address or domain onto their browser. Their PC would then connect to your specific server, and the website would appear on the browser. 

Some business owners often want to cut out the middle man and host their website themselves. It seems easy to skip a hosting service and hire a webmaster for your company to host your website in your own office. However, it is much more difficult and complicated than that.


You Need A Professional Website Hosting Provider



Why You Shouldn’t Host Your Website Alone

There are many reasons why you should stick to a web hosting service rather than go about it alone. As a business owner, you want your website to be in the most trustworthy hands, and often, that is you. However, you may not be fully qualified or equipment-ready to take on the responsibility. Consider the following: 


It Is Expensive

Hosting your website alone means that you will be in charge of handling and maintaining the servers. To properly do this, you would need the right equipment as no ordinary computer will do. The proper hardware is quite expensive as it is faster and built to handle constant traffic. On top of this expense, you will need to keep a supply of spares, which is also costly.


It Calls For Consistent High-Speed Internet

Like every other business or residence, you have a consumer-grade internet connection. Unfortunately, this is not enough to host your website. This is because servers require redundant connections to the internet to enterprise-grade networks. These connections are quite expensive, and it is often difficult to set up such a connection in an office.


The Security Risk Will Be Much Higher

Even companies with the tightest security can get hacked. When you host your website alone, you will often miss out on important server security updates. This will expose your website to intruders, and you are likely to get hacked. 


Your Website Will Not Look Good

Hosting your website alone means that you would have to create and maintain its appearance. The website will often not look as good as you intended it to, especially if you do not have a professional designer. The same goes for free web hosting services; the price you have to pay is on the website's appearance. 


It Is Time-Consuming

Last but not least, hosting your website alone will take up a lot of your time. You will find yourself trying to understand and deal with the issues that may arise, which will leave you with very little time to focus on the business itself. Furthermore, learning the skills to properly host your website takes time; instead, leave it to the experts and focus on what you do know. 



Host Your Website With Precision

Hosting a website is a lot more work than you may think. Save yourself the headache and contact us so that your website can be Powered by Precision! 

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