July 9, 2020

Sales in the B2B sector are much more complicated than the B2C industry. This is because buying cycles take longer, almost a year sometimes. This means that there are no emotion-driven sales in B2B and instead rational and well-planned out deals. 

All B2B sales, therefore, need a good plan and proper tools to execute sale activities. One such tool is a CRM system to help upgrade customer service. A CRM system is a customer relationship management system, and as the name suggests, it is a way for managing relationships with customers. 

B2B companies need a CRM to track leads and customers during long sale cycles and also through upgrade paths. A sound CRM system could take customer relations to the next level, and HubSpot is the perfect solution for many businesses. 

HubSpot has a customer relationship management (CRM) application that is a game-changer for B2B businesses. It is fully integrated and presents a new approach to sales relationship management. 




Why It Is Perfect

  • You can add as many users as you like, even the CEO

One of the biggest problems of CRM systems and adoption is that it is initially sold on a per-seat license basis. This means that it can be pretty expensive to have if you need more users. Many companies, therefore, opt to have only salespeople accessing the CRM platform and if the budget is friendly, one person in marketing. This makes it difficult to collaborate on the platform more efficiently since few people are using it.

HubSpot recognized this problem, and their application takes a different approach. The CRM product is a free, fully included module within HubSpot. The pricing for the application ascends with the number of contacts on the platform. This increases motivation to add users at all levels (including management) while maintaining an accurate contact list. 

Granted, tools that are offered by HubSpot beyond the base CRM (like, Marketing, Sales, Service, and CMS Hubs) do charge on a per-seat basis. However, the base CRM offers unlimited users. 

  • It eliminates the boundaries between sales, marketing, and service.

The lack of harmony between the sales department and marketing department can hurt your business entirely. Sales and marketing often disagree on what constitutes a lead and how to follow up. HubSpot provides an opportunity for better marketing, sales, and service alignment. 

If both teams are using the same platform and every prospect is recorded, stored, and presented to the salesperson assigned to the opportunity, it will run much smoother. Your marketing team will be able to see which factors are drumming up leads and which are most viable for closing by the sales group. Additionally, the service department can get a better idea of how to onboard and support their client's if they can see how the entire sails process unfolded. 

  • It teaches inbound selling techniques through frequent use.

The average CRM has a tendency to encourage monotony and mediocrity into the sales process . HubSpot, on the other hand, can provide data within the platform that changes how salespeople will sell for the better. 

A real-time stream of intelligence about your contacts such as who has opened your marketing emails, what time people are clicking on crucial pages of your website, and how many premium resources have been obtained, makes it easier to sell more effectively.



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