May 15, 2020

It’s easy to think of the digital world as something intangible, but the truth is that every website exists in a real location. Websites are hosted on physical servers that store data and transmit information to the rest of the world wide web. And although cloud computing may have blurred the line to some extent, the fact remains that the servers you use and the host who provides them can have a major impact on your digital experience.

The importance of a great host becomes apparent when you start taking website maintenance more seriously. All server-side interactions go through your hosting provider, and the quality of their services will determine how well either you or your web developer can do the job.


1. Installing Updates

The internet is a constantly changing place. To keep up, every piece of software with an online connection needs regular updates - including both your content management system and your plugin suite.

From bug fixes to security patches, most updates are essential and should be installed as soon as they’re released. But unless you’re completely comfortable with your website’s structure, you probably shouldn’t install these updates on your own. Updating one part of the site might cause another to stop working; if this happens, you need to know how to either solve the problem or restore your site to a previous version.

Your web developer knows how to safely install updates without breaking your site, but they need server access. When basic login credentials aren’t enough, agency-side hosting becomes an extreme convenience for everyone involved.


2. Maintaining Plugins

Plugins are individual, pre-made programs that add features to your site. These building blocks are essential for modern web development, but they also represent a potential weak point in your site’s structure. Plugins are updated at their creator’s discretion; if they fall behind the technological wave, they might either stop working or become the subject of a security breach.

Updating your current plugins and uninstalling any that are not in use is a regular part of website maintenance. As with installing security updates, this process requires both server access and a good understanding of how your website is put together. Your marketing agency already has the know-how; if you also use their servers, you’ve made the job that much easier to complete.


3. Storing Data

Backups are everything in a world where the press of a button can delete a year’s worth of work. Your website exists as data, and preserving that data should be part of your website maintenance routine.

Preserving your data is also the job of your hosting provider. A great host makes regular backups of your website files and database and takes steps to maintain the security of their customer’s data, including managing the status of the other websites that exist on the same server.

Unfortunately, large-scale hosting companies don’t always treat your data like it’s valuable. From failing to make backups to holding data hostage in exchange for payment, there’s no guarantee that a cheaply hosted website will still be there if something goes wrong. In comparison, a dedicated marketing agency will treat your data with respect and preserve it even through unforeseen circumstances.


4. Providing Security

One of the most important jobs of a web hosting provider is making sure that your website is safe from virtual attacks and unauthorized access. An unprotected website is susceptible to false logins, malware, and DDOS attacks. The best way to prevent these attacks is to already be prepared for them, which is why you need a web host you can rely on.

When you host with your marketing agency, you get the benefit of dedicated personal monitoring and prevention. Security updates, software checks, and constant network oversight will ensure that your website is safe from any digital intrusion. And should something occur, your agency will be able to respond immediately and neutralize the threat before your data can be truly compromised.



Host Your Website with Precision

Website hosting is just another one of the ways that a digital marketing agency can take site maintenance off your plate. Your agency already knows how your website is built, when it needs an update, and how to manage your data. When you use agency hosting, you’re placing the security of your site in hands you already trust.

From development to maintenance, Precision Creative can help manage every aspect of your site. Reach out to us to discuss secure and stable hosting for your business.

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