Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

For businesses that want to use new methods to market themselves, there may be no better way than having their own YouTube channel. With the rise of video usage as part of a marketing strategy, it makes sense to have your own outlet to promote your business and the services you offer. Having content on your channel is a pretty straightforward process. How you market your channel, however, can be difficult to figure out. The good news is that there are some standard tips you can use to promote yourself effectively. Here are some things to consider when promoting your YouTube channel.

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Make Your Title Engaging

When it comes to video marketing, presentation plays a major role. This is especially true with video titles. Often, they are the first thing a viewer sees before clicking, so you want to ensure they are something people want to watch. You typically want to workshop several potential titles instead of simply going with the first one that you think of. It’s important to have a title that attracts a viewer’s attention without seeming like clickbait. Highlighting relevant terms will also make users want to click.

Enable Your Profile

It’s easy to skip over filling out the profile section of your YouTube page and focus more on adding videos. However, having a completed profile is beneficial. In addition to giving you the chance to provide details on your business, it can also help boost your overall SEO. In terms of best practices, use your profile to incorporate keywords, though enough to prevent “tag stuffing”. Also, make sure you have contact information as well as links to social media profiles so potential customers have a direct way to reach you.

Have a Solid Video Description

Another way to give users a sense of your content is through a good video description. By having a solid description, you can increase viewer interest, which can lead to longer time watching as well as higher view counts. When creating a video description, make sure that it has relevant keywords that are searchable. Have the most relevant and compelling information within the first 100-150 characters. This ensures that it will appear in search results. Finally, add a call to action, such as a request to subscribe to your channel or visit your website.

Determine What Your Audience Wants

Whenever you create a video, you want to make sure that it’s relevant to the information your audience wants to know the most about. This can be difficult to determine if you are just starting a channel. For beginners, look to others in your industry to see what they have filmed content for. This includes the topics that have the most views and engagement. If you’ve already added videos, use the YouTube Analytics feature to learn more about audience demographics, location, and other relevant information which can help you in determining future topics.

Interact With Your Fans

YouTube may not seem like a typical social network like Facebook or Twitter. However, it does have users that respond to content through likes and comments. Interacting with these users gives you a better chance to make a connection with your audience, and increases the likelihood of doing further business with them. Respond to comments, both good and bad, and feel free to like responses as well. You can go further by doing response videos to feedback, or use the analytics feature to highlight your biggest fans.

Incorporating YouTube into your marketing strategy can be a beneficial way to introduce people to what you have to offer. By promoting yourself successfully, you can increase view count and user engagement, and have content that people will want to come back to your channel for.

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