Ways to Promote Your Blog

You probably know that adding a blog to your website can be beneficial. In addition to being a boost to your overall SEO, it gives you the opportunity to provide your site with fresh, updated content on a regular basis. Once you create your blog posts, the next step is to promote what you’ve written. On the surface, this feels like a daunting task. However, there are a number of strategies you can use to let others know about your blog. Here are some methods you can use to promote your blog.


Use Social Media

One of the easiest ways to advertise your blog is through social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or another platform, it’s a direct way to promote your written content. You can do it either through your personal accounts or via your business’s campaign. When you decide to share updates on your posts depends on the platform and the time of day; sites have peak traffic at different times. After putting up a post highlighting your blog, you also want to be active on the social platform where you are putting up content. This can include responding to conversations that appear and encouraging discussion by asking questions.

Incorporate Networking

Word of mouth is still an excellent method of promotion. By communicating with others, you can build relationships with people in your field who are likely to share items you write. This can include going to conferences, networking events, or industry meetings. Another method is to interview influential people in your industry and repurpose it as a blog post. Once you schedule the article to go onto your site, you can let your interviewee know, and they will be able to promote and drive additional traffic to your blog.

Promote Through Email Marketing

With a wide selection of marketing options available, using email is still a solid and cost-effective choice. Sending a post to a subscriber list can be a great way to drive traffic, but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can also ask them to share within their own community, expanding its reach. There are other methods you can use as well. For example, there are add-ons available that let you put a link to your blog directly into an email signature.

Pay for Promotion

If your budget allows for it, online paid advertising is another option to consider. This can be done through multiple digital channels, such as social media and paid search engine ads. However, there are additional items to consider should you go this route. You want to focus on competitive keywords that will make people want to visit your blog rather than your competitors. In addition, ensure that both the created ads and keywords have a high quality score, making sure all elements are relevant.

When creating a blog, it’s important to consider how to promote what you’ve written. Creating an affection promotional strategy allows your content to be viewed by more people and establishes you as an industry leader.

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