Ways to Define Your Target Audience

When you create a content marketing plan, one of the first things you want to do is determine who your content will be for. Understanding the audience you want to reach will help you get their attention, as well as drive traffic to your business. Once you have that insight, you are able to tailor your content based on that, reducing irrelevant information. Here are some things to consider when determining your target audience.


Use Quantitative Data

Data is beneficial in finding out key information about your core audience. Many sites where you track performance information also give you the opportunity to break down visitors by select demographics. These include age, gender, education level, income, and more. A landing page can also help you collect important data. Having a form to collect an e-mail address provides you with information on if your content is persuasive enough to keep people on your site.

Ask Your Current Clients

Examing the audience you already have can give you key insights as well. You have multiple options for doing so: either through customer surveys or through interactions on social media. In addition, you can look at customer reviews about your products, which can help you create content based on their thoughts.

Do Market Research

There may be areas in your selected industry that are being underutilized. If you feel that your product does a great job of filling these gaps, research can provide you with a sense of how to promote those services. You can examine trends for similar products and services in your field to determine what areas they target, then provide more information on your products and the unique value they offer.

Use Google Analytics

As mentioned, there are a number of sites that provide you with key information about who visited your site. Google Analytics gives you extensive, thorough data that helps you make more decisions driven by this info. This includes the channels that visitors are using to reach your content, as well as the items on your site that are engaged with most.

Knowing the best methods for identifying your core audience allows you to create a content marketing strategy that features relevant information. This gives you a better opportunity to drive traffic to your site.

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