Ways Blogging Helps Improve Your SEO

When it comes to the world of digital marketing and branding, SEO is everything. Short for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the key metric that measures the success or failure of your business' website. The higher your rank in SEO, the more successful your site is. The lower your ranking is, the less successful your site is. Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong! There is an assortment of variables that go into consideration when it comes to SEO ranking. From branding to keywording and topic clusters to pillar pages, every tailoring and alteration you make to your site will have a drastic and lasting impact on your SEO ranking. But there's something that next to no one considers when it comes to gaining a higher SEO ranking. Something that's overlooked on most websites: blogging.

Most businesses and corporations disregard blogging as wasted time and effort when in fact, blogging has been proven to help increase a site's SEO ranking astronomically. Blogging can make a substantial impact on your SEO in an assortment of ways. Today, we'll discuss a few of these.

Blogging for SEO

Blogs Keep Your Website Fresh

The users and consumer base of today's age want their content fresh and new. Nobody wants to hear about what happened yesterday but instead what's happening today. By updating your blog page once to twice a week helps keep your update fresh and exciting for your consumer base. Think about when you open a webpage that hasn't been updated in countless years. You can tell, right? Of course, you can! When a website hasn't been updated recently, the user can tell automatically and will probably exit out of your site, thus increasing your site's overall bounce rate. While you need to strive to keep all of your site's pages up to date and current, the most crucial page you need to update and refresh regularly is your blog page. And when you have a weekly or bi-weekly blogging schedule, more users will continue to return to your site.

Blogs Keep Your Users On Your Site Longer

Reading blogs take time. Now, you don't want to write a blog that will take your users hours to read. You want something short and sweet, something to the point that gets your topic across within under three minutes. The one thing you always want to avoid when it comes to writing a blog post is overdoing anything. This will only bore your audience and make them want to leave your site before you've even shown them what you do. But when you write a skillful blog, one that gets your point across carefully and under five minutes, then you've done more than entice your users. Blog posts have the potential not only to attract users to your site but keep them on your site. Even if it's just the time it takes them to read the actual blog, you've still gained their attention enough to have them stay on your site longer than they initially would. And if you're lucky, they may just come back another day.

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