Understanding Website Analytics

Steady growth is the key to success for any business. It used to be easy to measure the growth of one's company by simply examining the profit and ROI of said company. But with more and more business being conducted over the Internet, how does one measure the growth of their business through something like their website? They use website analytics, of course!

Odds are, you've heard about different analytic platforms such as Google Analytics or Yahoo Website Analytics. These are just a few of the software options that you can utilize the measure the success and traffic of your website. Website analytics can examine a variety of different metrics such as website traffic, conversion rate, bounce rate, and much, much more. But in order to use these metrics to your advantage, you first must be able to understand how to read and study them. Here is everything you need to know when it comes to understanding website analytics.

Learn how to use and understand website analytics for your benefit.

Measuring Conversion Rate

In the past, we've talked extensively about conversion rate and its impact on the success of your website. As the name suggests, the conversion rate is the rate at which your website converts new users into steady clients and leads. While there is a variety of variables that go into determining conversion rate, a reasonable conversion rate is usually anywhere between 1% and 10%. This results in a steady growth of website traffic for your businesses' site, thus generating more leads and prospective users for your business. Using website analytics is an excellent way of measuring your site's conversion rate. Each website analytic software has a specific metric that shows you your site's conversion rate and how it compares to rates from the past.

Measuring The Success Of Content

As we've said before in past blogs, content is king when it comes to having a successful website. This could be anything from a quick "how-to" blog post to something as extensive as a webinar. But whatever you post to your website must have some intention behind it, some goal you want to achieve through the use of content. This is usually where a call to action will be attached to your piece of content. But how can you see if your call to action is being fulfilled or even clicked on? You guessed it: website analytics. Programs such as Google Analytics or HubSpot allow you to see firsthand how well your content is performing and if it is successful or not. With website analytics, you will be able to see what pieces of published content are working on your site and what are not. This way, you can continue to make more similar content that performs well while avoiding published content that has failed in the past. The best way to see how successful your content is to use website analytic programs such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, or even Yahoo Website Analytics.

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