Understanding Pillar Pages

When it comes to optimizing ones' site, content is key. Whether it be those pesky blogs that draw your users in (such as yourself) or well-produced examples of video content, any form of digital content will make your site more accessible and more engaging. But when certain content forms keep it short and simple (i.e., blogs, videos, etc.), there are certain pieces of content that provide a much broader and comprehensive outlook on specific topics that can help increase awareness on what it is your business or site does. One of these pieces of content is the infamous Pillar Page.

For those of you out there who are unfamiliar with the term, a pillar page is essentially a page on your website that is created to generate a higher ranking SEO-wise but covers a specific topic in depth. These pillar pages can be tricky to pull off due to the fact that they usually have a series of sub-topics that help explain the overall topic being discussed. While the length of your pillar pages can vary depending on your business or site, they usually amount to over 3,000 words. Here's everything you need to know about Pillar Pages.

Pillar Pages

Types Of Pillar Pages

For something as serious and extensive as Pillar Pages, it should come as no surprise that there a variety of different forms of pillar pages. The main three are Resource Pillar Page, Inspiration Pillar Page, and 10X Content Pillar Page. Even though the names explain themselves, let's take a quick moment to dive into each one.

As the name would suggest, a Resource Pillar Page is a pillar page that is essentially a well-organized and easy-to-read list of resources that can be used to understand the topic being discussed. The core requirements of the Resource Pillar Page include:

  • Give your users a variety of resources
  • Increase your website authority
  • Attract backlinks

Another obvious one, an Inspiration Pillar Page, is similar to the Resource Pillar Page due to the fact that it is giving out a list of things that connect to your main topic. The only difference is that the Inspiration Pillar Page provides a series of ideas, strategies, and even practices that may inspire your users to further their understanding of the topic at hand.

A 10X Content Pillar Page is the most extensive one out of the three. Its sole existence is to cover a topic entirely and comprehensively. There are a few main goals of a 10X Content Pillar Page that can include:

  • Give users an in-depth look into a specific topic
  • Make a link between the main topic and subtopics
  • Increase website authority
  • Increase SEO ranking

Benefits Of A Pillar Page

As we've said before, a pillar page is commonly used to increase the ranking of a site's SEO. The main reason a pillar page can help improve your site's SEO ranking is to organize information on a specific topic. With other sites, information is in an endless amount of clusters that make it challenging to find and even harder to understand. The whole goal behind a pillar page is to make information on a certain topic easy-to-understand and easier to find. When your pillar pages make this information more accessible, your SEO ranking will begin to increase.

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