March 24, 2020

Online shopping has always been convenient, but it’s quickly turning into a necessity for your customers. Luckily, creating a digital storefront is easier than ever before. All you need is a website, an inventory, and a dedicated development team.

Focus on Your Storefront

Your digital storefront is just as important as your real one and should be created with the same attention to detail. Work with professionals to create an accessible interface and a user-friendly design. Talk to your development team to decide whether you want to build a new website or add e-commerce functionality to your existing site structure.


Ready Your Inventory

Online customers can’t preview the products they’re purchasing, so they rely on you to provide as much information as possible. Invest in great photos for all of your items, and don’t forget to include SEO-friendly item descriptions. Try to answer questions that customers might have on each product page.

Learn the Employee Interface

Every e-commerce store has a back end that you and your staff should be as familiar with as possible. You should know how to add and remove items, update product availability, and edit the status of a customer order. This is also a good time to think about how packing and shipping will fit into your standard workflow.

Contact Your Customers

When you transition to online retail, you want to keep as many of your current customers as possible. Add an email sign-up form to your website, and post signs or flyers at your physical location. After your store is up and running, you can use the mailing list for updates, sales, and coupons. Social media is another powerful communication tool; once your store is ready, pin an announcement to the top of your page.



Online Storefronts with Precision

From developing your e-commerce storefront to communicating with your customers, the team at Precision Creative is ready to help your company succeed. Reach out to us to learn more about transitioning your business to the digital market.

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