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The Theory of Brand Culture

Posted by Precision Creative on May 8, 2020 2:15:08 PM
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Brand culture theory is the idea that a strong brand is supported by an equally strong company culture. If your employees understand your brand, they’ll represent it accurately as they work to help your business get ahead.

This theory stands in sharp contrast to old-school branding attitudes, which focused on glitz and glamour while leaving the substance to the development department. If you want to succeed in the modern marketing environment, you’ll need a brand-focused company culture that you and your employees can stand behind.


Your Brand Tells Your Story

Your brand is built out of every action your company has taken across its lifetime. This includes advertisements, products, and even individual client relationships. You wouldn’t be the person you are today without your history; in the same way, your company’s brand wouldn’t be the same without the financial history that backs it.

The key to developing a great brand is to embrace this story and share it with your audience. Reflect on your glory moments while admitting and learning from your mistakes. Find the things that make you unique, and use them to create an identity that resonates with your customer base.


Company Culture Is Everything

If your brand represents every action your company takes, then the employees who represent your company are instrumental in developing your brand. Your internal culture will be directly reflected in your customer relationships, so you need to build a culture that appeals to your audience.

Company culture is a mix of the way your employees work and the projects you ask them to do. Your business should have a clear mission statement, and your staff should be briefed on the company tone of voice. The more your employees work in sync, the clearer your brand identity will be.


Your Values Need to Be Real

The truth about branding is that you can’t hide who your company is or what you value; you can only strive to communicate that identity to the audience who wants to listen. Modern audiences are looking for legitimacy and sincerity. They will flock to the brands who are true to their stated values - and they’ll disperse away from brands who continually pretend to be something they’re not.

The good news for company owners is that you don’t have to change anything in order to be honest and legitimate. Conduct business in a way that accurately represents the economic impact you want to have, and the customers who agree with your values will flock to your side.



Build a Culture with Precision

Your company’s success hinges on having a marketing team that can accurately identify and communicate your brand. Reach out to Precision Creative to start developing your company culture.

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