The Powerful Benefits of Rebranding Your Fleet Business

Your fleet of vehicles needs regular investment and attention to stay in tip-top shape. You can’t do your job without those cars - but that doesn’t mean that you’ve made the most of your investment. With the right branding, your fleet can easily help you tap into an ad market that you didn’t even know existed.

Instant Recognition

A well-branded fleet stands out from the other vehicles on the road. Whether your audience is driving their own car, walking down the sidewalk, or simply glancing out of their window, they will immediately notice, recognize, and remember your company car. That kind of advertising power is hard to find; if you can harness it, your company will see an immediate increase in both traffic and revenue.


Untapped Advertising Space

Branded vehicles are more effective than billboards and when paired with SEO strategies can lead to a huge impact. A study by the American Trucking Association said that a wrapped vehicle can generate more than 65,000 impressions in a single day. Every person that your vehicle drives past could be a potential customer - but without the wrapping, they might never know you exist.

Positive Impressions

When it comes to impressions, quality matters as much as quantity; luckily, branded vehicles rank well in that category too. Across the board, 98% of the impressions generated by a wrapped fleet vehicle are positive. Simply seeing your vehicles out on the road gives customers the idea that your business can be trusted to provide the service you offer.

Community Trust

The reason that branded fleet vehicles work so well is simple: they establish your company’s presence in the community you serve. Whether you install counters or fix air conditioners, everyone on the street knows the second your team has arrived to do their job. After months or even years of seeing the same wrapped vehicle driving through your neighborhood, that company naturally becomes the first one you call.

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