Search Engine Marketing 101

What Is Search Engine Marketing? Rejoice because today's the day—the day where we finally won't be discussing SEO. But don't start celebrating just yet. Today we talk about a different topic dealing with search engines. Today we talk about search engine marketing. Search engine marketing, SEM for short, is a highly effective way of growing and developing your business. When you learn to understand SEM, you can begin to develop and create specific marketing strategies that will benefit both your business and your site. Here is everything you need to know about search engine marketing.

Learn everything you need to know about search engine marketing.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

In order to utilize search engine marketing, you first must come to understand what it is. Search engine marketing is essentially the use of paid advertisement on popular search engine results pages to benefit and market your business. These ads can come in a variety of formats such as text, video, and even product listing ads. It's usually recommended that you should familiarize yourself with these different formats in case you need to use a certain one at a particular time. Because most website traffic comes directly from search engine platforms, search engine marketing is incredibly important to the rising success of your business and marketing strategy.


Okay, we're sorry, but maybe we are going to talk about search engine optimization, but only for a little while. We promise. While SEO and SEM may be written similarly, the two are actually vastly different from each other. SEO refers to search engine optimization and the traffic a website generates. SEM refers to search engine marketing and the paid ads that businesses pay for in order to market and promote their business and website. The primary difference between SEO and SEM is that businesses do not pay for website traffic or views to enhance and better their SEO ranking.

The Importance Of Search Engine Marketing

It has been proven that the effects of search engine marketing have a direct correlation to the improvement of website traffic and an increase in sales. The paid ads that come with search engine marketing pay for impressions that directly result in new views and visitors. This, in turn, increases the potential for more purchases and more traffic to your site. Paid ads are also unintrusive, so they are less likely to annoy or scare off any prospective users or customers.

Using A/B Testing With Search Engine Marketing

In the past, we've spoken extensively on A/B Testing and how it can help improve your website's traffic and overall user experience. So you may be surprised to learn that A/B Testing and search engine marketing go hand-in-hand when it comes to generating user traffic and an increase in sales. When you A/B test your landing pages, you maximize the quality of these pages and help improve your user quality score. This will tell you what sort of ads your consumer base responds well to and which ones they don't. Using A/B Testing is a great way to maximize the efficiency of your SEM tactics.

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