Qualitative and Quantitative Analytics in Content Marketing

When you design a content marketing strategy, you want to have as clear a picture as possible of how it is performing. Understanding the metrics associated with your campaign helps you see what is working and what may need to be improved upon. While there are numerous metrics that you can use to track your campaign, they will likely fall into two core categories: qualitative and quantitative. Here is what each of them is and the primary analytics that they cover.


Quantitative Analytics

The main area you will look at regarding specific numbers is qualitative analytics. These metrics give you insight into engagement with your content. It allows you to see the reach elements of your campaign have in terms of pure numbers. You can find out how many page visitors you have, how long people spend on your website and the number of leads that result from your content. Having these data-driven points gives you a clear picture of what you can expect your return on investment to be for your marketing plan. In addition, you are able to have a benchmark for what you want to consider success and use the information to make increase goals over time, ensuring you remain successful. Quantitative data can also have an impact on your ability to create high-quality content on your site, helping your visibility in SEO and search rankings.

Qualitative Analytics

While quantitative analytics provide you with numbers on how your campaign is performing, qualitative analysis gives you deeper insight. You have the ability to know what these numbers mean and the impact they are having on your campaign as a whole. It helps you come up with specific topics to use as content, determine how your customers feel about your services, and review any potential errors that exist within your marketing. By having information about the behavior of your customers, you are better able to create content that will resonate with them. Qualitative analytics software lets you have key information about visitors in real-time by providing surveys for clients to answer.

With multiple ways to track the success of your marketing strategy, both qualitative and quantitative analytics provide key insights. Incorporating both provides a detailed picture of your campaign and highlight ways to meet your primary goals.

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