March 16, 2020

News of the Coronavirus is spreading quickly, and many companies are taking active steps to prevent the illness from spreading in their area. No matter what industry you're in, a few small changes can help protect your employees while maintaining an active client base.

Skip the Tradeshow

Even if that upcoming tradeshow isn't officially canceled, you should plan to stay home for the safety of your employees. Conferences attract hundreds of thousands of attendees from around the world - and while that's great for business, it's terrible for a quarantine.

If you've already paid for a booth, talk to the organizing committee about the possibility of a refund or a credit for next year's event. Every show has different policies, and you may need to take a small financial hit to keep the virus from spreading.


Hold Virtual Meetings

The good news is that canceling your booth doesn't mean you need to cancel your panel. With modern technology, you can get the same or even more traffic by holding a webinar instead. Advertise on social media, and include a link to the virtual event; you might be surprised at the online turnout.

Virtual conferencing is also a great replacement for client briefings, board meetings, and job interviews. From group phone calls to screen share presentations, look for options that let people stay home while getting the same work done.

Focus Online Communications

If everyone stays home, the internet is going to be more lively than ever before. This means that online communications should be at the center of your marketing strategy.

Start by increasing your company's presence on social media. Get in touch with the audience on each of your current platforms, and consider expanding to new platforms where you don't already have an account. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit will see the most traffic, but you can also expect to see new users on YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Now is also a good time to focus on inbound marketing, especially if you were relying on a tradeshow presence to bring in new clients. Talk to your SEO specialist about running a PPC campaign and bolstering your content marketing efforts. A quick website audit will determine whether you need to make any accessibility changes; if your office is closed, your virtual presence needs to be in top shape.

Prepare to Work from Home

Unless you're located in a high-risk area or have traveled recently, it's probably fine to keep commuting to your office. However, as the virus spreads, more and more companies are adopting a work-from-home model, and you should be prepared to do the same.

  • Communication: How will your staff stay in touch from different locations? Email is an excellent choice, but you should also consider creating a Discord or Slack server to mimic a live environment.
  • Technology: Everyone in your company needs access to a computer and any relevant files. You may also want to find screen sharing and video conferencing solutions that meet your business's needs. Don't forget webcams and headsets; the quality of your virtual office will impact how you connect with your clients.
  • Security: If your company handles sensitive client data, you may need to take extra precautions before your employees can access those files from home. Discuss options with your IT department, and be ready to implement new software or issue company devices.



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