Precision Creative's Client Of The Month: Softrol Systems

Once a month, here at Precision Creative we like to put a spotlight on one of our precious clients. For the month of June, we would like to dive into Softrol Systems. Softrol Systems is an industry leader within plant operations such as material handling, process control, and even total plant integrated data.

Softrol provides its consumer base with a variety of solutions that include soil sort, rail systems, garment sortation, wash aisle automation, and so much more. When it comes to optimizing your plant operations, Softrol Systems has everything you could ever need. Take the time to learn more about the many products and services that Softrol Systems has to offer.

Learn all about Softrol Systems.

Material Handling

One of the major solutions that Softrol Systems has to offer is its many railing systems for material handling. Softrol Systems offers state-of-the-art soil sort systems that are both manual and automated. In addition, Softrol Systems provides both a continuous sort option as well as a non-continuous sort option. The continuous sort option is specifically designed to prevent both linen jams and spillovers. The non-continuous sort option sorts items into the sling until the desired weight is reached.

All of Softrol Systems' soil sort solutions come with a variety of features and benefits. Some of these features and benefits include:

  • Touch screen operations
  • Electronic capture of soil slings
  • Automatic loading
  • Web-based reporting
  • RFID solution

Process Control

Another popular service that Softrol Systems is known for is its process control systems. Softrol Systems prides itself on providing countless ultramodern systems to industries such as hospitality and healthcare. One of their more popular systems in process control is their wash aisle systems. These dynamic systems provide automated controls that will optimize your planting operations while also maximizing plant efficiency and profits. Softrol's wash aisle systems also help minimize wasted human resources and lack of profits. Wash aisle systems are manufactured to analyze comprehensive data analysis and cost-effective automated solutions.

Total Plant Integrated Data

The final service that Softrol Systems leads in is total plant integrated data. These common and straightforward solutions allow your plant to run at maximum proficiency while making your job simple and easier to do. One of these systems that Softrol Systems is shipping and tracking technologies that allow you to monitor your products in real-time. When it comes to tracking carts and bulk items, Softrol Systems has designed a PPS Cart that offers a variety of benefits such as:

  • Real-time capture of return products
  • Cart delivery record
  • Historical reporting
  • Electronic delivery of manifests and check-in reports

These benefits only begin to scratch the surface of everything the PPS Cart has to offer your planting operations.


When it comes to optimizing your planting operations and workings, Softrol Systems has everything you could ever need or want. Whether it be complicated railing systems made simple or the need for shipping and tracking technologies, Softrol Systems has dedicated itself to providing best-in-class products and services for your planting operations.

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