Precision Creative's Client Of The Month: Max Wave Media

Once a month here at Precision Creative, we like to highlight one of our prized and cherished clients. For the month of May, we've decided to put a spotlight on Max Wave Media. Max Wave Media is an architectural visualization and interactive solutions company that specializes in producing 3D Rendering images, 3D Animation, and 360 Virtual Reality Tours.

Max Wave Media claims their mission as "We help developers, architects and marketing agencies transform the way they propose, market and finance their projects with stunning 3D Animated Videos, 3D Virtual Tours and Renderings." It is with this mission that Max Wave Media works for a wide range of industries such as multi-family, hospitality, and even healthcare and retail. Max Wave Media takes great pride in serving its consumer base with photorealistic and quality visualizations and interactive solutions.


Max Wave Media's Services

A business is only as strong as the services that they provide. Max Wave Media has dedicated itself to offering three primary services of 3D Rendering, 3D Animation, and 360 Virtual Reality Tours. At Max Wave Media, they specialize in creating photorealistic 3D Renderings that make impeccable visuals. Max Wave's 3D Renderings are produced in high resolution and include images that are fully developed in 3D.

Max Wave Media also provides the service of 3D Animation. All of Max Wave Media's 3D Animation is used to create animated tours for Max Wave's variety of clients. These animated tours are primarily used to market and communicate client's designs and needs. All of Max Wave Media's 3D Animated images are created in high-definition HD 1080p format.

The last service that Max Wave Media offers for its consumer base is 360 Virtual Reality. With this advanced state-of-the-art technology, clients are able to visualize properties and rentals without ever having to step away from their computer or laptop. These 360 Virtual Reality tours are primarily used as marketing tools to help clients visualize specific properties and settings. These tours are incredibly immersive and detailed

Max Wave Media's Industries

Max Wave Media prides itself on working for a wide range of industries. They not only provide an assortment of services and products, but they provide these services for numerous industries. These industries include hospitality, multi-family, retail services, and construction. These industries use services such as 360 Virtual Reality tours to market their properties and resorts.

The services Max Wave Media offers have been known to change numerous industries when it comes to marketing strategy and communication. From making tourism easier and simpler to managing constant communication, Max Wave Media's range of services affect day-to-day business for a wide range of industries.

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