Precision Creative's Client Of The Month: CFF Media

As we've done these past several months, Precision Creative likes to dedicate one blog post each month to shine a spotlight on one of our cherished clients. For the month of July, we've decided that client should be none other than CFF Media. Founded and ran by a team of production professionals, CFF Media has dedicated itself to creating high-quality video content for a wide range of industries and businesses within the metro Atlanta area.

CFF Media has experience producing a variety of different forms of media such as testimonial videos, promotional videos, and even drone photography and videography. CFF has prided itself on shooting and editing engaging, vibrant, and professional videos that will set your business apart from your competitors in this digital age. Please take the time to get to know your company's next videographer, CFF Media.

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A Wide Range Of Services

As we said above, CFF Media is a customer-centered company that shoots and edits videos perfectly tailored to represent your businesses' core values while generating results in both profit and traffic. CFF offers four primary services to their client base: about us videos, testimonial videos, promotional videos, and drone videography. These three services make up everything that CFF Media has to offer your business.

With About Us videos, CFF takes an in-depth look into your company to see what makes you unique. This is then translated into a video that can serve as an informational piece about your business and what you do for prospective clients and customers. About Us videos are usually made with the intention of getting your brand out to the general public in order to expand your outreach and input.

Next, CFF has mastered the technique of the testimonial video. These tricky-to-shoot videos allow you to record the reviews of past clients or customers. These are used to prove that you are not only good at what you do but are one of the best around. Shooting a testimonial video is also a great way to show off your previous works and services.

Self-promotion is vital to the survival of any business. This is why promotional videos have become so popular over the past several years. CFF Media has years of experience shooting high-quality promotional videos under its belt. With the help of a promotional video, you can further promote your company's brand or image while also driving more leads to your company's site or store. Promotional videos are used to promote a variety of things, such as product launches, company updates, and even corporate conferences.

Finally, CFF offers drone videography. Drone video has been shown to improve the overall quality of one's video campaigns and promotions. With stellar and mesmerizing airbound shots, drone photography is able to capture views and images that your standard camera just isn't able to.


When it comes to producing high-quality and engaging video content, CFF Media covers all the bases. From informational About Us videos to effective Promotional Videos, CFF can change the way you conduct business with one simple call of "Action!"

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