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Case Study: Piedmont Injury Law

Posted by Precision Creative on Jul 16, 2019 10:21:36 AM
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About The Company

Ken Crosson established Piedmont Injury Law to send the insurance industry the message that they have to start treating injured people with the respect and concern that they deserve. His mission is to protect, stand up for, and change the lives of people who have been injured by careless driving or other acts of negligence. Piedmont Injury Law offers security and peace of mind in challenging times, and helps its clients and their families build happier, healthier, and more financially secure futures.

When Crosson Law Group came to us they were looking to rebrand. They needed a new website, web hosting, and some help with Local Search Optimization.







Search Engine Optimization

We changed the aesthetics to correspond with their new brand while preserving the functionality that they were looking for. We also brought Piedmont Injury Law Group out of the trenches of the Google search engine. Thanks to our Local Precision Package they show up much higher in primary search results.



Our Feedback

The main contributor to the Piedmont Injury Law project was our web developer Marvin Rosario.

“Ken Crosson made it really easy to show off a great company. I was especially happy with how the services page turned out. Piedmont Injury Law offers a lot of value in what they do, so I wanted to show that off.”





Today, we still host the Piedmont Injury Law website, and they are very happy with our work.

“These guys are just so fast and spot-on. I came to them, during the holidays no less, with a very short timetable for a new website for my rebranded law firm. They had a prototype up and running within a couple of days and despite my having spent just a few minutes describing what I wanted the website to do and look like, what they came up with was so in tune with what I was looking for it was like they were reading my mind. I won’t say how quickly they got my new site live (because I don’t want to set unreasonable expectations for the next person), but they quoted me a date so soon I didn’t believe it was possible…and we went live a day early. I can’t say enough good things about Jordan and his team at Precision Creative.”

–Ken Crosson, Attorney & Owner of Piedmont Injury Law

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