Personalizing the Customer Experience on Social Media

There’s something about being a regular that makes doing business more rewarding. When the guy at the coffee shop knows your name, you’re more likely to stop in for a latte. And when your favorite online business offers you a personalized experience, you’re more likely to use their services again.

Modern social media makes personalization easy and effective. From individual offers to audience-targeted content, there are plenty of ways to show your clients that you recognize their interests and that you care about their repeated business. Add it all together, and you’ve got a rewarding social media experience that keeps your followers coming back for more.

Demographic-Based Targeting

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media giants have access to a huge database of audience demographics. As a business, this demographic information can be a powerful way to generate leads.

Thorough market research can help you find out exactly who your ideal customers are. Design ads for your theoretical customers, and use demographic-based targeting to send those ads to the people who want to see them. Savvy businesses create multiple campaigns for different customer types. The better you know your customers, the more personal these ads can be.
Social Media Analytics

Retargeting Ads

Have you ever seen a Facebook ad for a site that you just visited? What you’ve witnessed is a retargeting ad.

This clever advertising method starts when a potential customer visits your site. A cookie placed in their browser records which pages they visited and when they decided to leave. When the customer next visits a social media platform, this information will be used to generate a personal ad related to their shopping experience. 

Retargeting ads can be used to remind visitors about sales, give coupons to customers who left after filling up a shopping cart, or even suggest products similar to ones they’ve already browsed. Retargeting works - get creative, and you’ll be surprised at the results.

Whether you're looking for demographic based targeting, retargeting, advertising, or just management, Precision Creative can definitely help. We help dozens of clients with their online presence through social media and would love to show you the power of social media marketing and advertising.

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