New Twitter Marketing Trends

When it comes to digital marketing, very little stays the same. Technology and marketing plans are constantly changing, and companies are learning to adapt and how best to use these new technologies in their marketing plans. This is especially true for social media sites, such as Twitter. They are expanding frequently with new options that companies can use to promote their products and services. Here are some of the latest Twitter marketing trends and how you can use them in your own strategy.


Twitter Shop Module

One of the most recent developments with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is the ability to shop for items directly from the site. Twitter is joining the group with their new Shop Module. This will allow business profiles to highlight the products they offer using a carousel. This option can help companies by being an additional revenue source, as well as a way to increase visibility.

Create Communities

Another new feature that is being rolled out is Twitter Communities. This allows users to interact with other users based on their shared interests. These small groups give visitors to interact and provide insight on specific topics. A business can use these communities to gain more perspective about who their customers are, as well as their preferences and behaviors. By using these, you are able to fine-tune your overall marketing strategy to best tailor it to your customer’s needs.

Enhanced Video Use

You likely know the benefits of using video as part of your marketing strategy. Posting videos to social sites such as Twitter expands on these benefits and gives you more chances for them to be seen. Experts suggest that 50% of tweets will have a video by the end of the year. There are elements to keep in mind to ensure success. For example, your videos should inform and educate users about what your brand offers. In addition, experiment with new technologies, such as 360-degree videos and higher resolution.

Incorporate Twitter Spaces

In addition to the video features listed above, Twitter has created Spaces, which are audio rooms where users can have live conversations. These rooms can serve as a great way for brands to interact with their client base. In addition to using these spaces to highlight products, companies can also have industry experts in their field to be a part of the conversation. USing the site’s analytical tools can help determine target areas to focus spaces on.

As Twitter continues to evolve, newer opportunities will be developed that allow businesses to connect to their customers. Knowing how to use these technologies in your marketing strategy can lead to great success.

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