September 11, 2019

Websites are one of the most important parts of marketing and branding for a company. As technology has become a necessity in our everyday lives, so have websites. Yes, these websites need to provide correct information and be visually pleasing, but there is another important part of the puzzle - website caching.


While website cache doesn’t get a lot of attention, it is something we see the benefits of every day. 


When you visit a website, many components come into play that you may not even know about. There is a process that takes place that converts the web server into an HTML file, which is what you see to be the website. While computers have to gather the data needed to show all of the components shown on a website, they don’t have to “search” for this information every time.






Website caching allows your computer to remember the details, providing the web user with a website that is already converted to the HTML file. So why do you want this? 


Because you have the need for speed and website caching can do just that.



A Dream Come True

Simply put - website caching cuts out the “processing” and goes straight to the product, essentially learning the necessary information as it goes. A dream come true, right? 


Well, not everyone utilizes this technology and it leads to slower websites because of the constant processing that has to take place.




Our Advice

So if we have any advice to give, it is that you should enable website cache so that your customers can see your website in the most efficient way possible!



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