Marketing Trends to Consider in 2022

As the calendar turns over to a new year, you may be starting to consider new ways to market your business. Starting in the new year gives you a chance to reintroduce yourself to customers, or highlight new products or services you want to offer. The marketing world is constantly evolving, however. This means there are new methods you can adopt to promote yourself. The good news is that these new strategies are relatively easy to adopt. Here are some of the new marketing trends to consider heading into 2022.

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Use Live and Online Events

If you have a new product you’re releasing in the new year, there is no better way to introduce it than by doing a live stream. Whether it’s through YouTube, Facebook, or other streaming video site, going live helps present your brand to existing customers while also having a way to reach a new client base. Post-event, you can collect information on the audience that attends, creating new opportunities to market to them. You can also do online seminars, which allows you to go more in-depth on select topics or products.

Omnichannel Marketing

Adapting omnichannel marketing means giving potential customers ways to know about your business in places other than your store. It can consist of social media, text messages, the internet, or another source. It’s making sure access to your products or services is available to clients across multiple platforms and devices. There are numerous benefits of incorporating omnichannel marketing into your overall strategy. For example, there is a higher purchase rate for companies that use multiple platforms. It also adds a sense of convenience for customers.

Enhanced Visual Content

While voice search is growing in popularity, this doesn’t mean you should abandon visual content. The numbers back this up. Recent studies have shown that posts with photos have 180% more engagement than those without and that 85% of customers are more likely to purchase something after seeing a video for it. In addition, visual content is easier to remember compared to written content. This makes having high-quality visual content key to increasing the performance of your campaign. It doesn’t just have to be photos or videos of your products; adding infographics and data visualizations can lead to higher engagement.

Personalize Your Marketing

As mentioned above, 2022 will have more channels for potential clients to consume content. For businesses, it means determining what channels you want to use for marketing and tailoring messages accordingly. Surveys have shown that 80% of customers are more likely to do business with a brand that offers a personalized experience. You can incorporate personalization in a number of ways, including by the marketing channel used or the demographics of the users.

Using Conversation

The act of incorporating conversation into marketing isn’t necessarily new; brands have communicated with their customers for years. This likely is the result of consumers wanting messaging done in real-time. However, recent years have seen this trend expand thanks to social media and chatbots. These are beneficial not just for boosting a brand’s relatability, but also for increasing the chances that a customer will have a positive experience with your business.

Heading into 2022, there are more opportunities than ever to market your business. By learning about the new methods that are evolving and the best ways to incorporate them into your marketing strategy, you can reach customers and expand your client base in exciting ways. If you need help knowing how to use these new trends, contact us and let us show you the ways these new techniques can improve your company’s marketing.

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