Marketing Content Options to Use on Instagram

In the past few years, Instagram has quickly become an affection option for brands looking to expand on their marketing plan. With over one billion users on the site, there is a great opportunity to have your message in front of a wide number of potential customers. Using Instagram can provide you with new clients and leads. However, what you post plays a major role. There are options you have to drive higher engagement. Here are some creative post types to consider.


Responding to Questions

There will always be the chance that one of your followers will have a question about your product or service. Many times, these questions will be found in the comments section under your post. These questions can serve as a way to create new content. You can create a response that not only answers any inquiries but also go into expanded detail. In addition, if you use the Reel feature, you can respond directly using another Reel.

Add Tutorials

Having a tutorial post is a great way to engage with your users and increase value. Using the IGTV feature, you can develop short videos regarding topics related to your business and industry. An example of this is if you have a business related to food, you can display a recipe. This can also be beneficial for introducing a new product to your customers.

Use Stories for Sales

Another feature you can use in Instagram marketing is Stories. This lets users post videos or photos that are only active for 24 hours. For businesses, these short-term posts may be a great way to drive business. An example of this is setting up a 24-hour sale using the Story to display a special link or keyword to use for a discount. Doing so can surprise your followers and make them want to monitor your feed to see if other flash sales occur.

Highlight Your Workers

Depending on the size of your business, you may be able to display what your employees do. By showing content focused on your workers, or even posts that they create themselves, you can display a human side to your brand, as well as make it feel relatable with your followers. Doing so increases the amount of trust that your customers have in your brand.

Instagram is an effective tool for brands as part of their content marketing strategy. With multiple options available, there is no limit to posts that companies can create that increase engagement.

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