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Keeping Up With Your Social Group: Social Media Trends

Posted by Precision Creative on Jan 25, 2021 12:15:00 PM
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With 2020 finally in our rearview mirrors, it's time to start looking towards a brighter tomorrow and hopefully an even brighter year. And with this year comes a new set of digital marketing trends that we all need to pay attention to keep ahead of the curve. Within this day in age, the way business is conducted is in a constant state of flux, constantly changing in order to keep up with the demanding consumer base. This is why it is so important to be able not only to recognize commonalities and popular trends but to be able to predict them before they even surface. This is most evident within the world of social media. 

Ever since the dawn of Facebook, social media platforms have skyrocketed in both popularity and web traffic. It wasn't long until businesses caught on and decided to utilize this platform in order to brand themselves and optimize their marketing tactics. More than half of a business's web traffic comes from a brand of social media. Whether it be Instagram or Facebook, there are armies of users all over the world flocking to different sites because of ads they saw on their social media page. So how does one make sure that they're using their social media platforms in the best possible way? You recognize the trends, of course. Here are a few prominent social media trends for 2021. 


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Quality Over Quantity: Using Less

Have you ever used a site and felt completely bombarded with an overload of information? If you have, then you know it can be incredibly off-putting. So much so that you're likely to leave the site before even checking out a single page. This is called an overabundance of resources, something that results in a higher bounce rate for your company's site or social media page. A key way to avoid this is by minimizing the amount of content you post to all of your pages. 

Now, we're not saying to pick through each and every page with a fine-tooth comb, editing and cutting every meaningless post or word. All we're saying is go through your most recent posts and ask yourself, "Is this important to my overall brand?" If the answer is yes, then great. Keep it. If the answer is no, it's time to drag that post over to the trash icon. Through this editing process, you are creating a page that is not only clear and concise but more user-friendly for your consumer base. 


And...Action: Producing Video Content

As we've said in earlier posts, everyone loves a good video clip. Why spend your time digging through mundane articles and newsletters when you can cut that time in half by watching an analysis video instead? 

Over the past several years, video content has grown in popularity astronomically, leading to a sort of renaissance for the platform. Video content has become so popular due to having precise and coherent content when it comes to marketing an idea or brand. Videos get the point across in a clear and effective manner as if making the call to action for the consumer imminent and solemn.


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