Instagram Marketing Trends to Consider

If you have a business, you are likely aware of the role that Instagram has in a company’s marketing strategy. With nearly a billion users on the site, the opportunities are almost limitless in reaching them depending on the content you put up. As the technology evolves, there are newer ways of adopting and incorporating it into your marketing plan. Knowing the latest trends can help you get an advantage over your competition. Here is a look at some of these trends.

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Higher Reach From Content Creators

One of the biggest developments in 2022 will be Instagram’s native creator affiliate program being expanded. This program allows creators to receive higher compensation for selling products on behalf of brands. By introducing affiliate revenue, influencer marketing becomes an easier field for more people to get involved with. In addition, new “Creator Shops'' will be made available to more users on the platform, serving as another way to showcase products.

Increase in Stories

In the nearly six years since it’s launched, Instagram Stories has become one of the site’s most popular functions. A recent study showed 86.6% of Instagram users post stories, and nearly 80% of brands credit it with a huge impact on their brand. These numbers increase with influencers, as 90% of them use stories. The expectation is that the usage of stories will continue to increase in the next few years, meaning more opportunities for marketing. You can take advantage of this by using features that are included in reels, such as polls and stickers.

Live Broadcasts

Another feature gaining in popularity in recent years is Instagram Live. Researchers believe that the rise of live feeds is a result of the pandemic, with live streaming serving as a way for people to connect to others. As its usage grows, brands that know how best to use Instagram Live will be best set to connect with their followers. Live Rooms are another feature available, where you can invite additional speakers, creative sessions, and more.

In-App Shopping

People are increasingly using mobile devices for shopping. In terms of finding new products, 70% of shoppers are using Instagram to discover new items. By adding a way to shop directly from a post, you make it easy for people visiting your feed to purchase your products. When you enable the shopping feature, a bag icon appears giving users more info on a product when tapped. There are also shops directly from a profile that can be curated using a selection of products.

Be Authentic

While content is an important part of any Instagram marketing strategy, determining the best content to use can be difficult. One of the easiest ways to do this is to be authentic. Many of the site's users prefer to see genuine images from a brand compared to videos or other posts that are overly polished. By showing off the authentic elements of your brand rather than attempting to have “perfect” content, it gives you a better chance to display the human aspect of your company.

With Instagram growing as a platform, it makes sense for businesses to use it to market their services. Knowing the trends to follow as the platform evolves will help you reach the widest audience and allow you to stand out.

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