Increase Engagement with Scheduled Tweets

Using Twitter is a great way for brands to interact with potential customers. When a tweet is put out, it can help reach and engage with new followers. The issue is that many social media managers don’t have time to wait for a specific time to tweet. This is where scheduling comes in. By setting up scheduling for tweets, it allows businesses to focus on their work while giving a sense of consistency to their followers. Here is why scheduling tweets can be beneficial, as well as tips to follow when setting it up.

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How Scheduling Tweets Can Help You

Before you decide to set up a schedule to automate tweets, it helps to understand how it can benefit your business. The biggest benefit is that it provides consistency for your social media profile. By scheduling tweets, your customers know when you will post something as well as how often.

You also have the ability to post during peak times, which helps your tweets receive the most impressions and audience engagement possible. Some scheduling tools are able to do this automatically by using analytics built into their system, but you can also export data from Twitter and use that to select the best times. Depending on the reach of your business, these tools can help organize your tweets to reach people in multiple time zones.

Scheduling also helps you let more of your brand’s creative side be on display. When coming up with multiple tweets at once, it becomes less likely that you will repeat yourself. Taking the time to plan ahead gives you the opportunity to think of out-of-the-box options, which helps make your content more relevant and interesting. In addition, it also prevents you from neglecting to post in the first place, as doing so only needs a small amount of time per week to set up.

Scheduling and Your Brand

You may have a sense of the image and style you have for your company. However, it can be difficult to display this on social media. If you tweet with different styles, it makes pinpointing an identity hard to do. Scheduling can help with this by helping provide a sense of clarity of what your image is. Taking the time to plan tweets to schedule gives you the opportunity to craft how you want your brand’s voice to appear.

Best Practices to Consider

When you set up a Twitter account, there are a variety of items to take into consideration before you start creating posts. With scheduled tweets, this is especially true. In addition to scheduling posts to go up at peak times, you can also consider adding hashtags. Doing so helps increase impressions, and can get views from people that don’t follow you. Adding images and video also helps your tweets stand out.

Another factor to keep in mind is that Twitter is a real-time platform, and if a tragedy or other event occurs, it may be wise to pause tweets temporarily. This is an option with some scheduling tools. You can also rewrite any tweets if there is any potential concern about sensitivity to real-world events. For lighter events, you have the ability to create a relevant tweet to increase brand exposure.

What to Do After Scheduling

Now that you’ve scheduled tweets, the next step is to respond to any feedback you receive. This can be done for a few minutes per day. In addition to responding to replies and direct messages, you can also take note of what is currently trending on Twitter.

Setting up a scheduling option on Twitter can be beneficial for any company’s marketing campaign. By pre-planning your tweets, you can spend more time focusing on your business, while having the opportunity to display creativity, increase engagement and reach a wider audience.

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