Incorporating User-Created Content in Marketing

For businesses, one of the biggest keys to having a successful marketing campaign is creating relevant content that is effective in drawing an audience. While companies can come up with their own items to post, using user-generated content can be just as beneficial. A recent study showed that 90% of consumers consider user-generated content as an influence in purchasing decisions, which outranks other forms of marketing like search and e-mails. This means that having content from users can be a huge marketing device for companies when done correctly. Here are some tips for adding user-generated content to your marketing campaign.

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Why User-Generated Content?

There are multiple reasons for having user-generated content as a part of your marketing strategy. For starters, having content from users helps give a sense of authenticity. Consumers are more than twice as likely to view content from other users as authentic compared to things created by brands. This can lead to a major boost in credibility, as many people say that less than half the content from brands is authentic.

Another way it helps companies is that user-generated content creates a higher sense of trust between brands and potential customers. This can be incorporated from a variety of sources, like reviews and testimonials. Many consumers go with a product or business based on recommendations from people they know, so displaying past customers’ previous experiences can help new clients want to do business with you.

How To Use It

If you are looking for ways to include user-generated content, the good news is that there are numerous methods to do so. As mentioned above, reviews can be a great way to drive customers to your brand. Over 70% of consumers read reviews and base their purchases on them. By adding reviews, you can increase web traffic and conversion rates. From a business standpoint, you should encourage your customers to leave reviews wherever possible, such as your website, Facebook page, or third-party site. In addition, if you happen to get a negative review, responding directly to remedy the situation can display that you want to change that for the next time.

You can also add video content as well. On average, videos created by users are viewed 10 times more than those created by brands. Using videos created by customers has high shareability, plus there is the possibility that they could go viral, creating additional views. Including video also allows potential customers to see your business from different perspectives, giving you more credibility. Another option is to create custom hashtags for your brand. Using specific hashtags and making them popular can help them trend when pushed by your followers. When creating a hashtag, it’s important to keep them easy to remember and to use one that sets your brand apart from your competitors.

Best Practices to Follow

Now that you have an idea of the kinds of content you can incorporate from your customers, there are some tips to consider before posting. The biggest thing to do is to get permission from the person that created the content, whether it’s a video, hashtag, or another post. Asking for permission shows the original creator that you appreciate what they have created are excited to share it. In addition, you want to ensure that you are giving credit to the content’s creator, including tagging them directly in the post. If you are sharing on social media, check with them to see how they want to be credited.

It also helps to be clear on what type of content you want. Only 16% of brands are clear in indicating the content they want from their fans. You shouldn’t be afraid of being as specific as possible when it comes to detailing what you want. Laying out a document that lists your marketing goals and how user-generated content can be incorporated can also be helpful.

Adding user-generated content as part of your marketing campaign can be very beneficial. In addition to increased credibility and visibility, it can help drive business by letting customers get a better understanding of what you do. As long as you follow the best practices and credit appropriately, including content from your users is a key option to consider.

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