How to Incorporate Infographics Into Your Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to provide information tailored to your audience. With multiple formats available to have data displayed, there are numerous opportunities to make your information stand out. One of the best ways to do this is by using infographics. The benefits are notable: website viewers spend approximately 10% more time looking at a site’s visual elements than reading text. However, the methods you use to create an infographic can make a big difference in how successful they will be for your campaign. Here are some tips to consider.


Research Your Audience

A primary key when it comes to developing quality content is to understand what your audience is looking for. You can set up a small survey to see what topics they would be interested in and what they would find valuable. The customer should always be the center of any content marketing strategy, so you want to create content that will resonate best with them.

Upgrade Your Blog Posts

Infographics can also be used to modify existing content, such as blogs. If you have an existing post, you can add smaller graphics in between text, or have one larger graphic at the top that summarizes the article. An infographic can also serve as a stand-alone post as well. A graphic can be bracketed by an introduction and a concluding paragraph.

Simplify Your Data

An infographic is designed to provide a lot of information in a relatively small space. This means that you don’t want to have a large amount of text or confusing and redundant content. Using charts, graphs, and other illustrations helps detail data while keeping it as simple as possible. You should also focus specifically on content that supports your primary topic, and make sure the information in the graphic is clear to understand.

Share on Social Media

Another benefit of infographics is that they can be shared on multiple platforms. Depending on the platform, however, it may not be able to fit or you may have issues with readability. The good news is that a graphic could be split into multiple infographics that are easy to share across any social media channel. This also allows you to have more social content you can promote.

Repurpose Current Content

If you have long blog text or videos that you are looking to boost views of, repacking it as an infographic can help it reach a larger audience. A solid example of this is creating a list that highlights specific points of an article or selecting the key points of a video and adding icons and graphics. This can also be helpful for social posts.

Adding infographics as part of your marketing strategy gives you the ability to create new content for your brand. With the increased ability to share, it provides a solid opportunity to increase traffic and visibility.

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