How to Grow Your Brand Presence on Social Media

There’s nothing like a good first impression, but how do you make a lasting one as a business in the digital age? There are many elements to consider, and one of the most important is your social media presence.

Here are three strategies to achieve specific results for growing your brand awareness.

Increase Recognition Through Visibility

Consumers prefer to buy from brands that they recognize, and 1 in 4 users follow brands on social media that they’re considering making a purchase from. Seems like an easy win, right?

Post relevant content with a highly visual component—cover images, graphics, infographics, and even videos—with your logo strategically placed. Consider having a relevant hashtag for consumers to find and share your work.

Think about your brand’s color palette as you design these posts. Having a signature color or color scheme can boost your brand recognition by 80%. Always strike a balance between being visible and being overwhelming.


Boost Traffic Through Information

Blogs are still a great way to share and learn information. This is especially true when it comes to your business’s niche. By sharing your knowledge for free, you get something in return: more clicks from interested visitors.

Creating quality content increases the number and length of site visits. It also encourages people to link to your content as a valuable source of information, leading to more visibility.

By establishing yourself as a topical authority, your site can achieve higher visibility in search engines. The greater your authority, the more high-quality, organic traffic you drive to your site.


Grow Trust Through Engagement

Customer loyalty is crucial for emerging businesses. It encourages your buyers to come to you over competitors and creates enthusiasm that attracts new buyers. Social media can be an incredible driver for a fan base — if you know how to use it right.

A consistent posting schedule, an authentic voice, and engaging content are vital in attracting a larger audience online. Respond to customers who show enthusiasm for your brand by sharing their content that’s relevant to your business or by replying directly to their messages.

Demonstrate the values that your target customers share. Patagonia, for example, attracts hard-core outdoorsy folks not only marketing their high-quality apparel but by also their pro-environmental actions.

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Make Sure Your Brand Stands Out

With a smart strategy, patience, and a little bit of luck, you can grow your brand awareness through an active and value-driven social media presence. Precision Creative can help you find the best way to maximize your presence on social media.

We recognize the importance of digital visibility, which is why we’re highlighted as one of the top digital agencies in Atlanta on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. You can also find us considered among the best local web designers on sister sites The Manifest—a business research blog—and Visual Objects—a portfolio-sharing platform that highlights industry presence.

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As you can see, social media is a vital part of your brand. That’s why Precision Creative offers social media management services starting at $349/month. Contact us today, and let's work to develop a plan that will make your brand shine online.

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