How to Discover New Marketing Content

Content marketing is a fantastic way for businesses to promote their brand. From a consumer standpoint, it can lead to increased traffic and visibility. According to a recent survey, 61% of customers are more likely to buy from a company that features content marketing. Incorporating content into your marketing strategy can be beneficial. But what if you are unsure of what content to put up? There are options you can use to find things that will draw the most attention to your site. Here are some ways to develop content for marketing.

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Look to Keywords

One of the easiest ways to find content is through keyword research and analysis. Through this research, you can highlight the terms that are searched on the most, and tailor content based on those keywords. For example, if you have a blog on your site, you can use the top keywords to build a series of posts around. Many SEO firms will do the research for you as part of your campaign, but if you opt to do it manually, tools like Buzzsumo and Ahrefs will help.

Ask Your Audience

When it comes to determining what your audience wants, a simple, straightforward way to find this out is to ask them directly. There are multiple ways to do so, all of them relatively easy. An example of this is a survey of your biggest customers through a site like Typeform or SurveyMonkey. These don’t have to be lengthy or detailed; anything that’s 5-10 questions will work. If you post prominently on social media, you create a poll using the features on each platform. Similarly, you can survey visitors to your site with a pop-up that appears when the page is loaded.

Repurpose What You Have

If you already have quality content, such as images or videos, on your site, it can be repackaged to become fresh material. If there’s a blog post, it can be combined to create an infographic, or a Twitter thread can quickly become a blog. That said, there is a limit to how long the content you have can be re-used. If it’s more than a couple of years old, you may want to consider updating it with newer information. This gives you a way to provide value while having a base to start from.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

There’s a good chance that your business and your competitors are trying to reach the same audience. That’s why it’s helpful to see the content they put up as well as what performs well. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the SEMRush Keyword Gap tool, which compares keyword lists of multiple domains. You can use the tool to check for unique or common keywords, and use them to create new content ideas.

Consider Different Formats

When it’s time to display your content, don’t be afraid to think outside the box in terms of how it’s shown. While blog postings and images are effective, there are multiple ways to cover a set topic. For example, if you are aware of common mistakes or myths within your field, you can create content that disproves them. Other options include doing how-tos or tutorials or listing tips or tricks that people that use your product have done. If you’re unsure what format works best with your audience, reviewing the best-performing content on your site can help.

There is a vast universe of content that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy. Whether it’s through research or by asking your client base, it’s easy to come up with new and exciting ideas that will keep your audience engaged and informed.

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