How to Build Your Brand with Instagram

Instagram is a functional platform that has taken the world by storm. Last year, the number of Instagram users grew to over 400 million users. With such a wide selection of potential customers, it is surprising that businesses have not fully used Instagram to its fullest marketing potential.

Instagram is a highly lucrative marketing platform that could bring thousands of new clients and email subscribers to your business. This directly increases the number of leads and improves the conversion process.

Therefore, if you have been overlooking this functional marketing platform, it is time to make Instagram work for you in every way. Specifically, you can use the following methods to build your business and brand.

Make Instagram A Tool For Your Business

Use Strategic Partnerships to Grow Your Instagram Followers

One of the biggest problems that business owners and marketers face is growing their Instagram followers. The concern is reasonable as you need an audience (and a big one) to market. It may seem not very easy on paper, but it is a matter of strategy in reality.

One of the most effective ways of growing a substantial following is to partner with other Instagram accounts. Identify Instagram accounts that your target audiences frequently see. From here, you can create a partnership for paid and unpaid ‘shoutouts.'

Paid shoutouts help you gain more followers in a shorter time. They aim for accounts with high numbers and engagement levels; where you pay for shoutouts. Unpaid shoutouts allow you to share each other’s content and encourage followers to join.

Convert Your Followers Into Subscribers And Build Your Email List

Email marketing is a great way of gaining more consumers for your products and services. Because Instagram is so popular, you have the power of converting all your followers into email subscribers and perhaps loyal customers.

While the platform has its limitations (does not allow link descriptions with pictures), you can still achieve conversion with a well-written bio. Use a specific CTA within the bio and a good URL that will take users to your website.

Ensure that your images and captions are exciting enough to lead consumers to your bio, then your website, and finally, your email list.

Market Your Business With Precision

Create Compelling Content

Instagram is where you put your best foot forward. Your content needs to be captivating, relevant, and engaging. While it is not a must to have text on a post, compelling posts often have an appropriate, if not entertaining, message. Ensure that your images are of high quality and appealing to your target audience.

Encourage A Community Of Regularly Engaged Followers

You can achieve engagement in many ways. It could be followers sharing your content, interacting with the CTAs, or tagging their friends. The point is that you need followers to engage.

One way to achieve this is to post when viewers are likely to see the content. The right timing could make the difference between zero likes and comments and exponential post shares, and likes.

Another way to get engagement is to ask for it through the post. 'Double tap if you agree’ or 'tag a friend' are common phrases that could gain you the necessary engagement.

Build Your Instagram With Precision

In short, your Instagram should be a tool for garnering subscribers, leads, and eventually customers. Contact us and build an online presence that Performs with Precision!

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