How to Build Your Brand with Facebook

If you’re in business you know how important social media is. Chances are you have a Facebook page for your organization, Facebook is used by more than half of the world’s online population. But to truly make the most of your social media marketing, you’ll want to read these tips. Build a stronger, more unified brand for yourself on Facebook by following these tricks of the trade.

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Define Your Audience

The first step to really hitting a home run with your Facebook marketing is ensuring you have clearly defined your mission statement and purpose. A few questions you should ask:

  • What’s your company story?
  • How do you help people?
  • What incentives do you give people to connect with your brand?

Social media marketing can easily fall into white noise if you haven’t decided these things for your brand. Your posts don’t have to hit the nail on the head every time you post. (Because the nature of social media encourages light heartedness and conversational content.) The overwhelming message when viewing your Facebook presence should clearly communicate the value of your brand to your social media audience.

Knowing your audience is essential to connecting with them. Social media is personal for most users, it’s part of what’s influencing the trend of hyper-personalization that we discussed on our blog a few weeks ago. Are the people in your target audience old or young? Upper or middle class? What are their likes and dislikes? Define these for your organization and then craft content targeting those different elements.

Keep It Simple

Facebook essentially started it all. As a result, many of the processes to get started are quite simple, especially when it comes to paid advertising. When advertising on Facebook, you don’t need to take classes and become an overnight expert. Facebook makes it simple to develop and run campaigns using basic tools.

When taking charge of paid advertising on Facebook, our previous point rings true. Understand your target audience. Consider your advertising’s tone of voice, is it funny? Relatable? Professional? Authenticity sells on social. When you speak your audience’s language, your ads will be more effective.

Define your message with clear imagery and eye-catching graphics or video. The digital world loves dynamic graphics, images and gifs. This is also your opportunity to put your brand on display. Incorporate your fonts, colors, style and design into your ads and they will shine.

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Track Those Metrics

One of the biggest values to your Facebook marketing strategy is the abundance of data that you can track. Social media metrics and analytics make it easy to measure how you are reaching (or not reaching) your goals and KPIs. Numbers and data don’t mean much until you translate them into insights and tweak your efforts to optimize your posts.

Evaluate the metrics from your posts. You always hear how images and video perform best, but you can take these measurements into your own hands. Keep track of how posts with and without images perform. Take note of what you learned and apply that to your methods moving forward.

A long-term test-and-learn mindset is essential. It may be frustrating to fail a couple times, but once you land on what resonates with your audience, then you’re off to the races. This approach entails consistently tracking metrics and re-evaluating, but it pays off. Experimenting can be fun and once you see the fruits of your labor you can sit back and reflect on your growth and start pursuing those new opportunities.

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In short, your Facebook page should be a tool for garnering new leads, and promoting your brand image. Contact us and build an online presence that Performs with Precision!

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