How Small Businesses Can Use Facebook Marketplace

Online shopping has grown exponentially in the last several years. So much so that social media sites have developed ways to allow businesses to sell items directly from their pages. One of these is Facebook Marketplace, which allows users to buy and sell products. Available in around 50 countries, the site gives you a way to have another revenue stream. Before you start listing products on the site, here are some of the key things to consider when selling on Facebook Marketplace.


Use Quality Pictures

As anyone who has tried to sell items online knows, having a high-quality photo makes it more likely that someone will buy your product. This makes it key to have a high level of presentation when creating images. You want to have multiple images of what you are selling, including from different angles. Square photos are usually recommended as Facebook may crop the preview image to meet size requirements.

Make People Aware

Most people that use Facebook are aware of Marketplace as a social tool. However, they may know that you have products to sell on the platform. An easy way to help promote your items is to place them in one of the categories listed on the site. By placing them in these categories, your potential customers are more likely to find your products while browsing. You can also set up a feature in the product description to let people follow your business page. This lets your items appear more often in a user’s feeds.

Monitor What Sells Best

If you have a separate online shop outside of Marketplace, there may be a difference between what products are most popular on each site. Understanding what products sell on Marketplace can help you improve your ad copy and learn the products to advertise most. Doing so can help increase sales and total conversions.

Communicate with Your Buyers

If you decide to use Marketplace, any customers that purchase from you can reach you via Facebook Messenger. This gives you a chance to interact in real-time, which you should do. By responding to them in a timely manner, you display interest in wanting to keep their business and purchase from you. The site also gives badges for responding quickly to customers and for having a high rating. Each of these can be positive for enhancing your site’s reputation.

Having listings on Facebook Marketplace gives you the opportunity to sell your products to a wider audience. It can serve as an effective, low-cost option that can be an effective way to increase your client base.

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