How Podcasts Can Be Used for Content Marketing

In the last few years, podcasts have seen a huge rise in popularity. These audio programs are one of the most popular entertainment outlets available, with over 100 million people listening to one on a daily basis. As the audience for these shows increases, more businesses are finding value in launching a show themselves. There is the possibility of higher engagement, as well as the opportunity to reach new audiences. Here is what to know about starting a business podcast.


What Are The Benefits?

There are many reasons for people to start a podcast. For businesses, there are multiple distinct advantages investing in a podcast provides. First, it allows them to have a way to be viewed as an authoritative voice in their field. This helps present themselves as an industry leader. It can also help increase brand awareness and loyalty, and episodes give listeners more familiarity with your business.

How to Promote

The amount of success your podcast has depends on multiple factors. These include how you promote it. Optimizing your podcast for search engines helps with visibility. You also want to get it distributed on as many sources as possible. In addition, proactive promotion helps in announcing your episodes. Create a post on your social media channels, or look into paid options.

Develop a Unique Topic

With so many shows available for people to listen to, depending on the area you want to focus on, you may be facing a saturated audience. This makes it key to find a way to stand out for listeners. You can do this by introducing a new topic or area related to your field, or by taking an existing topic and repackaging it in a new format. The main goal is to display your authenticity no matter what you elect to focus on.

Go Beyond Recordings

The marketing strategy for your podcast doesn’t have to end once the recording is finished. There are numerous ways to create evergreen content from one episode. For each, you can develop a package of information including the episode itself and a transcript. In addition, you can repurpose an excerpt for use as a social media post or blog entry. Or, you can develop other content pieces based on the topic of the episode.

A podcast is a new, unique method for a business’s content marketing strategy. By having content that separates your brand from others, you are able to develop a product people will be excited to listen to.

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