How Online Reviews Impact Your Brand

Having access to the internet has changed the way people do things. The internet is now readily available; at our fingertips through our phone and computers. This has given people access to information about everything.

One of the bigger issues of the internet is buying and selling. Businesses and shoppers have gone online, providing and buying services and goods. A big part of purchasing products online is reading the reviews to help make a decision.

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Online Reviews

Online reviews have become very popular because they help buyers make informed decisions about a product or service. In 2016, a report showed that 90% of shoppers read at least one online review before deciding to buy a product or use a service.

It was also reported that 94% of online shoppers admitted that a negative review convinced them to avoid working with a business. Looking at those statistics, we can conclude that online reviews matter.

How Reviews Impact Your Brand

Whatever the industry, what people say about you online is essential, and it will impact your brand. People online often check reviews before ever going to their website. Good reviews will prompt them to visit and interact with you while negative reviews will inspire them to avoid your brand.

Depending on the review, your sales will either increase or decrease. Not every business has an online presence, but those that do can significantly benefit from online reviews. Surveys have shown that 94% of consumers would use a company with a four-star rating, while only 14% of consumers would be willing to use a business with a two-star rating or below. Therefore, the better your online reviews, the bigger chance you have of making sales from online consumers.

Customer trust can also be enhanced by your online reviews. 73% of online consumers trust a business with positive reviews even before they have interacted with them. Consumers who do not know about your business will rely on the opinion of others to determine if they can trust you. If your online reviews are mostly negative, your business comes off as untrustworthy.

Many people think that online reviews only impact businesses online. However, this is not the case as online reviews determine word of mouth referrals. Personal recommendations hold a lot of weight, and if they are interchangeable with online reviews, then anyone who has read positive reviews about the brand will have no problem spreading the word about the brand.

On the other hand, nobody would feel comfortable about recommending a business that they know only has bad online reviews. If a friend asks about a company that has terrible reviews, you would likely let them know about the reviews and convince them not to support it.

The Moral Of The Story

Consumer reviews may hold a small space on the internet, but they hold a lot of weight both online and offline. They impact how consumers and potential customers feel about your brand and whether to choose it or not.

Taking the time today to find out what people are saying about your brand today will encourage customer satisfaction. You will find ways to improve user experience to get better reviews and a better name for your brand.

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