December 11, 2019

An effective social media strategy can improve your brand presence and drive impressive amounts of traffic to your site. Still, creating high-quality content for your social media accounts takes time and effort, and you want to make sure that your efforts are well spent. A balanced social media schedule will ensure that you’re getting the right amount of engagement for each of your carefully-crafted posts.

Consistent and Relevant

As a business on social media, you have two essential goals: maintaining an active presence and engaging with your audience.

The first goal can be accomplished by posting on a regular schedule. If a new client visits your account, you want them to see that you’ve posted recently and that they can anticipate more content from you soon. A consistent posting schedule improves engagement because it lets your followers know what they can expect from your brand.

Engaging with your audience can be a little more difficult. Even if you don’t get clicks, nearly everything that you post will show up in your followers’ feeds. The fastest way to lose your audience is to flood them with irrelevant content that drowns out the other posts they want to see.

Every company has a different ideal posting balance. You want to post often, but not too often, and you want your posts to be as interesting and relevant as possible. Pay attention to your engagement metrics; if your strategy isn’t working, it will show in the numbers.


Facebook: Once a Day

Generally speaking, an active Facebook account posts once per day on weekdays. You can drop this down to as little as two or three high-quality posts per week. Post twice a day if you have something to share, but never more than that - you’ll flood the timeline.


Twitter: Several Times a Day

Twitter accounts can post as often as they’d like. A 2012 statistical analysis by Peter Bray from Moz shows that the average lifespan of a tweet is around 18 minutes. The actual time that a tweet hangs around in someone’s feed depends on how many people they’re following and how fast those users post. Decide how active your Twitter community is, and post as often as you can without drowning out other voices.


LinkedIn: Once a Day

To reach the widest audience on LinkedIn, you should post once a day in the mornings. Audience members are likely to check their feed once during the workday, so there’s no point in posting more often. If you don’t have five pieces of content to share, reduce your frequency to twice a week.


Develop Your Social Media Campaign

You can post twice a week, once a day, or ten times in a single afternoon - but if your content isn’t engaging, it won’t have any effect. Join the dozens of clients who have let Precision Creative revolutionize their online presence through social media. From targeted campaigns to account management, we’ll find a solution that drives traffic and gets you results.

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