August 21, 2019

Customers want solutions here and now, and live chats can do just that. You will give your customers a valuable tool to improve their own experience. Live chats, which are offered by Facebook Messenger, provide many benefits for both your customers and your company - will you be the next to utilize this time and cost-efficient technology?


  • Flexibility 
  • Easy data collection and management 
  • Cost efficiency 
  • Accessibility






Live Chats

Live chats offer a great deal of flexibility for all parties involved. Chats are convenient, accessible, and create a choice for the customer, while still being cost-effective for the company. 


While a company is helping a customer, they can simultaneously gather data from the customer. This data can be used as information needed to better help the customer or it can provide an avenue for management to monitor the communication taking place between the employee and customer.



Facebook's Role in the Business World

One of the largest avenues for live chats is Facebook. As Mark Zuckerburg took the world by storm with Facebook, he continued to find ways to make Facebook relevant - thus making live chats a popular way for companies to communicate with customers. 

Approximately 70% percent of Americans use Facebook and as of June of 2019, there are over 2.41 billion people in the world that are active Facebook users.  This vast platform offers companies all over the world an option to better serve their customers through live chat.





Happy Customer, Happy Life

Picture this: a customer visits your website looking for a service. They may have a question, but don’t have the time or patience to call. As they scroll, a Facebook Messenger linked chatbox pops up on their screen asking if they have any questions or comments. If they do, they simply type their question. Within seconds, a company representative will be alerted and can then help the potential customer. 


Happy customers, happy life. This accessibility makes customers feel valued, seen, and ready to continue business with you - all for an affordable price to the company.  



If you think a live chat would be beneficial for your company, contact us so that we can send you information and get you started! 


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