How Content Marketing Stats Can Help Your Campaign

The digital marketing industry moves very quickly. As new technologies become available, it can feel overwhelming at times when determining how best to adapt. Many surveys have been done by marketers detailing how the industry as a whole is moving. Many of these responses can be used by businesses to adjust their own campaigns for greater success. Here are some statistics that can give you ideas on how the industry is trending.


Increased Lead Generation

Businesses have numerous goals they want for their marketing campaigns. One of the biggest priorities they have is to generate high-quality leads. In fact, a recent report showed 79% of companies had that as the primary goal with their content marketing plan, just ahead of driving traffic to their website. From a business perspective, you can accomplish this by ensuring your ads are routing to quality website content on your site.

Efficiency Means SEO

You likely are aware of how important search engine optimization can be to a successful marketing campaign. The numbers bear this out; SEO was viewed as the most efficient content marketing strategy used by businesses. If you haven’t optimized the written content on your site, or videos if those are available, it may help to do an audit on your site to determine if there are areas you can improve.

Organic Search

While paid search can be a viable option, 89% of businesses prefer to use organic search to distribute their content. The main reason for this is that it’s easy to have the content indexed and optimized. Improving how it appears is relatively easy to do. Just promoting the content you already have as well as building solid backlinks, you can increase the visibility of your website through organic search.

Content Marketing Drives Conversions

When a company includes content marketing in its campaigns, they are likely to see results as a whole. Studies show that brands that incorporate content marketing have conversion rates that are 6 times higher than those companies that don’t use it. In addition, tailoring specific parts of your budget towards content creation and promotion can have positive impacts on your campaign as a whole.

There are many more statistics that can guide you in creating solid strategies for your marketing campaign. By researching trends and understanding the methodologies that are available, you can modify content to drive overall success.

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