How Branding Can Tell Your Story

Every company has a story. You began as a startup, with one or two people working to make your vision a reality. Then you added employees, expanded your offerings, and started marketing to grow your audience.

Your story is integral to the development of your company’s identity. By carefully choosing images and tones, you can use your story to connect with your customers and establish a long-lasting brand.

Company Mission

Your company has a mission, and that mission should be the heart of your growing brand. Whether your goal is to make great products or provide high-end customer service, you should identify and develop a mission statement. Share this statement with customers, or use it to educate your staff; either way, you should let your mission inform and guide your marketing decisions.


Consistent Iconography

From logos to photos, customers remember the images you use over the years. As your business grows, you’ll probably invest in a new logo or refresh your website design. But don’t ditch your old design elements completely; you can use them to show the developing story of your brand.

Coca-cola is a great example of consistent yet changing iconography. The logo has been redesigned many times over the company’s 130-year history, but that instantly-recognizable shade of red continues to be the same. Other common design features include the tail on the “C,” the serifed font, and the shape of the classic glass bottle.

Original Elements

What makes your business truly unique? The best brand stories show off the reasons why your company stands out from the rest.

Your originality might come from your products, your philosophy, or even just a fun quirk in your visual design. Consider the elements that separate you from your competitors, and add a little polish to help them shine.

Real Faces

Your brand might tell your story, but it’s your employees who move the plot along. Audiences respond well to the human stories responsible for the brands they love. Whether you include staff bios on your company website or feature your employee of the month on social media, real faces will always be a way to add legitimacy and identity to your brand.

Tone of Voice

The best brands can communicate their entire story with just a few words. Professional, casual, traditional, or creative - the tone that you use is one of the biggest indicators of your brand identity.

It’s important to maintain a consistent tone of voice across all of your brand communications. This include social media, website copy, email marketing, and digital advertisements. You can maintain consistency by creating a brand guide, hiring a dedicated writer, and educating your staff on the company’s preferred tone.

Tell Your Story with Precision

Your brand has a story; you just need a marketing team who can tell it. Reach out to Precision Creative, and we’ll take your digital identity to the next level.

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