The Goal

When The Unsealed came to Precision Creative, they wanted to build a platform to share letters that empowers people’s voices. They needed a system that was easy to use, simple to comprehend, and visually stunning. 

With this in mind we were able to develop a user friendly experience that enabled people to share their stories with the end goal of growing awareness for various charities and bring money to diverse causes. 


Our Feedback

The main contributor to The Unsealed website was our Lead Web Developer, Marvin Rosario.

“It wasn’t difficult in the slightest to translate The Unsealed vision into their website. They knew exactly what they wanted from the start, which made it easy to design a site that looks stunning and feels smooth.” 






We were very pleased with the work we did for The Unsealed, and they would say the same. 

“I am extremely impressed with their work. Besides bringing my vision to life, Marvin and Jordan did so with patience and with a willingness to cater to each and every request I made. They really took the time to make sure I was happy and did all the work in a timely manner.” 

Lauren Brill, Co-Founder of The Unsealed