June 30, 2020

Lights Over Atlanta installs, maintains, and repairs accent and holiday lighting for residential and commercial customers in and around the Atlanta and North Georgia area. Through a combination of web development and marketing strategy, Precision Creative has reinvented the way that they do business. Here's how we did it.


The Opportunity/Challenge

Lights Over Atlanta initially discovered us online, and approached us after meeting with a few potential firms. They were looking to improve their workflow, increase sales, and make a name for themselves as the premier lighting company in Georgia. They felt that they needed a company to help them improve upon their sales process, lead generation, and website experience.

As a business with several different facets, Lights Over Atlanta needed to have a more structured way to organize their services and workloads. Thus, they necessitated a website redesign and full CRM implementation strategy to kickstart their business’s growth.


The Resolution

To meet the needs of Lights Over Atlanta, we worked to understand their ideal clients so we could optimize their marketing content and website for conversions. Using an aggressive social media, email marketing, and online advertising model, we've been able to improve their lead generation and client acquisition. We've also introduced them to utilizing the HubSpot CRM and its various tools which have streamlined their sales and service processes.



Our Report

By implementing an aggressive digital growth strategy, we’ve been able to provide a steady stream of qualified leads, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a combination of social media management, online advertising, blogging, and email marketing, Lights Over Atlanta has seen an average of 1,800+ website views per month and an 1,900% increase in new contacts in the past 60 days (April 2020 - June 2020).


In Conclusion

The key to our success on this project was enhancing the way that Lights Over Atlanta approaches their marketing. By giving them the proper tools to understand where their clients were coming from, we’ve been able to boost employee efficiency and bring the buyer’s journey to the forefront of their business model.




How did Precision Creative perform from a project management standpoint?

"Precision Creative kept up with their deadlines consistently throughout the project. We’ve never had an issue with communication, nor do we have to wait for responses to anything we need."

What did you find most impressive about them?

"Their ability to grasp the significance of our work and convey it on a website was exceptional. The site captures the importance of what we do in an efficient, calm, and effective manner. We couldn’t be more impressed."

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

"Our new CRM has dramatically improved our processes. Their marketing efforts have given us more business. Our new website is much more visually appealing and user friendly."



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